too many prescribed drugs

23 08 2006

The FDA is now requiring more warnings to be placed on drugs that treat ADHD.  These will include the “possible risk of sudden death”, serious heart problems, behavioral problems such as aggression and mania, psychotic behavior, stunted growth, seizures, and vision problems.  Doesn’t it seem obvious that the possible side-effects are worse than the ADHD?

An excerpt from the article :

Some doctors have expressed concern that new warnings could dampen use of the medicines, which the FDA has estimated see about 1 million prescriptions for adults and 2 million for children each month.

Critics say many of the prescriptions are unnecessary and that the drugs are over used.

I also think many of the prescriptions are unnecessary.  It’s scary how many kids are being put on these types of drugs now.  I have friends who work in public schools, who tell me that large numbers of students are on prescribed drugs now to treat depression or hyperactivity.  This is absurd!  Kids will often have lots of energy, and in their teenage years will have mood swings — this is normal.  If they are depressed, their parents should talk with them and spend time with them and love them.  If they have too much energy, give them more to do (and not just work but also fun things).

This trend in diagnosing all these problems as needing prescriptions seems related to our society’s trend of not taking responsibility for our own actions.  I just don’t see how so many kids today are so “messed up” that they need strong drugs to “fix” them.  When I was in school, we didn’t have all this, and we made it just fine.  I don’t think it was needed, either.  I think the biggest problem today is the shortage of good parenting.  I realize both parents typically work these days, and they want to have a fulfilling career and make lots of money, but if we have children we have to make it a priority to raise them properly.  Our children are more important than our career and our bank accounts.  Giving them drugs to sedate them is not good!  If parents would raise their children properly, they would behave well and grow up into responsible adults.  The solution is not drugs; the best solution is love.




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