cleaning up the debris left from car wrecks

24 08 2006

Is anyone else bothered by the glass and debris that gets left in the road for days after a car wreck?  Why doesn’t the city have people whose job is to clean up after wrecks?  I realize the police have plenty to do, so there should be someone else to do this.  It wouldn’t have to be that expensive.  They could hire some high school or college students to work for around $6/hour, let them work about 15-20 hours each, and then they wouldn’t have to pay benefits or retirement.  This would not only be creating jobs, but it would keep the city cleaner, prevent some flat tires (and possible wrecks resulting from that), and it would make the residents happier.  So why isn’t this done?




One response

25 08 2006

It must be a conspiracy of the “big tire” industry. They pay the city to NOT clean it up quickly so business will increase from people running over debris and coming to get flats fixed and tires replaced. I think you should sue.

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