peaceful Muslim demonstration in London

25 08 2006

I received an e-mail recently about a Muslim demonstration in London, with picture attachments showing protestors holding signs that say people who oppose Islam should be slain or beheaded or massacred or exterminated, along with threatening another “9/11” for Europe.  I researched online and found that this actually happened and the pictures are legitimate.  This happened on February 3, 2006.  So why were these pictures not shown by the American media?  Perhaps they were by some news outlets — I don’t know — but I haven’t seen them until today.  Perhaps the media purposely ignored this because it lends support to the “war on terror”.

To see the pictures and read more, go here : Muslim Demonstration in London.  The demonstration was “peaceful”, in that they didn’t do anything then, but their signs certainly weren’t peaceful.




One response

25 08 2006

If people in our country would get over their hatred for George W. Bush and see that these are the type of people we’re dealing with, we might finally be able to untie the hands of our military and the hands of the Israelis and unleash the full strength of the U.S. and Israeli militaries on those who seek to destroy us. But these “slaps on the wrists” for each uprising in Baghdad, Lebanon, the West Bank, and elsewhere does nothing but show a weak will to the enemy. Concern for world opinion and U.N. resolutions are nothing but unnecessary delays that give the enemy time to regroup, re-arm, and re-energize. Every time the U.N. “Insecurity” Council meets to discuss the Iranian nuclear program, that wack job that runs Iran has to sit back and laugh at the impotence of this pitiful excuse for a world power. It’s time for more than empty words.

We are in World War III in my opinion and my love for my country and our way of life causes me to think that we should stop playing around and win this thing quickly and powerfully. Should we nuke them? I don’t know about that, but there is much at our disposal that has not yet been employed and tactics that have up until now been prohibited due to possible collateral damage and civilian casualties. It’s a war, for crying out loud. People get killed. It is an unfortunate side effect, but sometimes necessary to get the job done. The media has so “white-washed” war by leading us to believe that every attack against the enemy should be done with surgical precision. That’s not war, that’s the demolition business. We haven’t yet begun to give those animals the “shock and awe” they deserve.

These nut jobs that we’re fighting are barbaric and all they understand is brute force. We should open up a big old can of of kick butt on them and give them the fight they’ve been provoking for years. Give them a defeat that is certain, tangible, and decisive. Peace comes only through victory not appeasement.

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