blaming your company if your life isn’t great

29 08 2006

In the news recently, employees of tech companies may start suing their company because of becoming addicted to technologies and having to work too much.  An excerpt :

“These people that can’t keep it within any reasonable parameters and have these problems in their lives, at some point may say: ‘My life is not all that great.  How did this happen?  Who can I blame for this?’,” Porter, who co-authored the study with two other academics, said in an interview on Thursday.  “And they’re going to say, ‘The company’.”

Being overworked certainly is a big problem that seems to be growing, but this lawsuit seems aimed in the wrong direction.  And it seems flawed in that you aren’t forced to stay at your current job.  I realize it’s very inconvenient to switch jobs and you’d prefer not to, but it’s hard to say your employer is making you work too much when you have the option of leaving.

Just another example of how we can sue for anything in this country…

Also note the mentality highlighted in the article of blaming the company when wondering why your life is not all that great…  Would it be crazy to expect people to take personal responsibility for their life and their happiness?




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