grilled burgers

5 09 2006

While I was mowing my yard yesterday, one of my neighbors was grilling burgers.  It’s hard to describe how good that smells…  It made me hungry, for sure.  Why is it that restaurants (especially those that primarily sell burgers) have trouble duplicating that smell?  Is it just the charcoal?  Or is it also the charred remains of prior grillings?  Either way, it’s good stuff.  It’s hard to get a better burger than one grilled at home.  Mmm…

(I realize this isn’t anything profound or insightful, but grilled burgers sure are good, aren’t they?)  🙂




3 responses

5 10 2006
C. Everette Jones-Koop

what ya’ll writing about radon for? isn’t that a dangerous gas?
C. E.

5 10 2006
Chut Chat KidKul

here come some now…



10 03 2007
Burger Boy

Has anyone tried any roadkill burgers? Nothing tastes better than a barbequed rabbit, squirrel, raccoon, etc. fresh off of the pavement!

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