more interest in our stuff than in God

5 09 2006

Here’s a quote that would be good to think about for a few minutes :

It breaks God’s heart when we show more interest in cars, sports, fashion, newspapers, television, hobbies, books, and family activities than we do in reading His Word and prayer.  It saddens Him when we are more committed to serving ourselves and pursuing our own interests than we are in serving Him.

I don’t know who said that, but it makes a good point.  Most of us know the “right answer” to what’s most important to us, to say that God is more important than anything else in our life, but do our actions reveal that?  If we’re really so passionate and desperate for God as we imagine ourselves to be, we’ll make sure we spend time with God and we won’t get distracted by less important things.

It’s easy to get distracted in this day, because there is so much to consume our time with.  There’s lots of good things — even some that are necessary — but we must not get so busy that we neglect our time with God.

Our society promotes busyness, sometimes to the point that we can fill our lives with stuff — even ministry for God — to the level that we are not spending quiet time with God.  But if we aren’t spending time with God, our works will be without anointing and power.  And not only that, but our relationship with God suffers.  Everything we do should start with God as the focus, and we should be in such close fellowship with God that we know what His will is for our life.  We should try to remember that our Christianity is a relationship with God first, then the ministry flows out of that.




2 responses

5 09 2006

Preach it, Beppo!

8 09 2006

Man, that’s a really good quote there, and so true. We live in such a media-driven, entertainment oriented society that is way too easy to get wrapped up in these things rather than being wrapped up in God.

I know I have to repent of this all the time and re-focus my attention to where it needs to be. Especially now during football season…

Go Hogs!! 🙂

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