do you believe in multiple universes?

10 09 2006

A science experiment that will start next year will be to create “mini Big Bangs”.  They are going to use a 27-kilometer long circular particle accelerator to try to recreate the Big Bang on a smaller scale.  Scientists hope the machine will create tiny black holes, and they hope to find particles that offer evidence that there are more than three dimensions.  Brian Cox of Manchester University said, “It could be that there is a whole new universe a millimeter away from our heads but at right-angles to the three dimensions that are here.”

It amazes me how many scientists will deride Christianity because it requires some faith, yet they are trying to prove crazy hypotheses like that.  There’s absolutely no proof that other universes exist in other planes or dimensions, yet I’ve heard numerous scientists proposing this.

There is more reality than what we see, and it’s called the spiritual realm.  There’s a lot more “proof” for that than for alternate universes.

An excerpt from the article that reveals there’s still much we don’t know about the universe (and yet some scientists keep making crazy theoretical claims anyway) :

“We don’t know what 95 percent of the universe is made of — which is a bit embarrassing for a subject that claims to be fundamental,” Cox said.  “There is Dark Matter.  It is all over the place but we have no idea what it is. … There is also something called Dark Energy, and that is an even bigger question.  It makes up about 70 percent of the energy in the universe but again we have absolutely no idea what it is.”

Here’s the full article : Giant machine set to probe secrets of the universe.

Also, I wonder how if scientists are unable to detect these (supposed) hidden dimensions now, how will they be able to detect them in their experiment?




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