a time to cuss?

13 09 2006

A friend just forwarded me an article in the Northwest Arkansas edition of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, where the author, Kathleen Parker, said discussing 9/11 is an appropriate time to cuss.  This discussion started because of the movie CBS was about to show about 9/11.

The author says she’s normally for “strict enforcement of decency standards”, but in such an event as 9/11, “Americans have a right — perhaps even a duty — to watch an unedited, unscripted account of what happened.”  Talk about shifting standards!  She says we should protect our children from profanity, yet also says parents “could use the documentary as a teaching opportunity” for their children.  Then she tries to use a Scripture to justify her position, that there is a season for everything, but it was used out of context.

I realize that profanity and vulgarity are “real-life” for some people, but it’s not true for everyone.  She strongly implies that using profanity “more accurately captures the moment” and that people seeing such tragedies “are going to say things they wouldn’t customarily say”.  I disagree with the last point.  If someone normally uses cuss words, then it would seem natural for them to use it in such a situation.  But if someone never cusses, then it still won’t come out, regardless of the situation.  If it’s not going through your mind, you won’t say it.  (And I know this to be true, because I’ve never cussed.)  But the more you expose yourself to vulgar and explicit language, the more likely it is you will say it. That’s why we must protect the children (and even youth and adults who are trying to stay pure).

The author also made a strange statement after saying it’s appropriate to cuss in certain situations : “All sins forgiven.  Pre-emptively and ever after.”  What?!?  Does she have this authority?  Does the Bible make any such statement?  (According to Scripture, you must repent to be forgiven.  And to repent means to change your ways and not commit the sin anymore.  If you sin again after repenting, you must repent again.  Salvation doesn’t give you a license to do whatever you want.)

I imagine a lot of people share her view.  Our society is getting worse morally and ethically.  Many people have relative morality now, where if they can justify a bad thing in a particular situation, then it’s okay.  The author even said, “There are exceptions to all rules.”  Sorry, I don’t think so.  That mindset is part of why the morality and ethics in our country are getting worse and worse.  For example, a lot of people would agree that adultery is wrong, yet more and more people are doing it, and even more people agree that it’s okay to be entertained by it on TV shows and movies.  Our standards of morality are being washed away a little at a time, and it seems like most people either don’t notice or don’t really care.  But I think morality and purity are still worth fighting for…




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