crazy 9/11 conspiracy theories

18 09 2006

You might’ve heard some of the 9/11 conspiracy theories, that President Bush coordinated it, or that it was a missile with wings that hit the Pentagon.  Silly stuff, really.  Yet according to this article I came across, there’s many people who believe it, publishing countless web pages and even books to spread their speculation.  What’s disturbing is that these ideas are gaining traction in other countries, and that all the “facts” they cite have been proven false.

A French author, Thierry Meyssan, wrote a book called “The Big Lie” which claims the U.S. military orchestrated the attacks, and it became a bestseller in France, and his reports have been repeated in other countries in Europe.  And some countries like Turkey and Jordan believe that no Arab terrorists were involved in the attacks.

It’s really sad that this “blame Bush for everything” mentality is corrupting what so many people think.  Many people are being deceived because of lies and rampant speculation without facts.  It’s no wonder Bush’s approval rating is low if people are believing this garbage.

I looked up the article in Popular Mechanics that debunked all these claims with facts, and it’s worth a read.  They confront the conspiracy theories involving a supposed military pod, stand-down orders, flight 175 not having windows, intercepts being routine, the lobby of the WTC being damaged, melted steel, puffs of dust from supposed explosions, seismographs, the collapse of WTC 7, the size of the holes in the Pentagon, intact windows, flight 77 debris, the white jet, roving engine fan, debris in Indian Lake, the F-16 pilot, etc.  You can read it all here.

I don’t have a problem with healthy skepticism, and of course things like this should be investigated.  But it is disappointing to see so many people readily accept crazy conspiracy theories and treat them as fact when the foundations of their theories have been disproven.  And if these theories are being believed by other countries, this may cause consider long-term damage to our country’s reputation…




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