how would you donate one billion dollars?

18 09 2006

Larry Brilliant has the job of donating over $1 billion of the Google fortune to charity.  What a job!  Not that it would be easy, because you want to be the best steward possible, but wouldn’t that be exciting and rewarding?  You can read an interview with him here.

How would you donate a billion dollars?  Of course, most of us will never be in that situation, but most of us could afford to donate $100 or more.  That may not seem like a whole lot to us here in America, but in some countries or to some organizations, it’s quite a bit.  Plus, it adds up with what other people are giving.  I remember meeting a missionary to a third-world country who said he could feed his family of 4 on about $25/month.  Imagine that!  And so any size donation to him is a big deal, even if it’s just $10/month, which almost anyone could afford.  Because we’re so blessed in America, we have the opportunity to really be a blessing to other people.  Unfortunately, our society encourages us to spend everything we have (and then some) on ourselves, so most people are in debt and not able to help other people in need.

I think we tend to take our financial abundance in America for granted, not realizing how good we have it compared to most of the world.  When we stand before God someday, we will have to give an account of our stewardship with the blessings He has given us.




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