Hot Springs vacation, pt. 2

24 09 2006

Here’s part 2 of my Hot Springs, AR, vacation, which will cover several different topics.  Let’s get this over with…  I mean, let’s get started.  Hopefully this will be interesting to somebody.  🙂

I tried German food for the first time, eating at a restaurant called Brau-haus.  I probably wouldn’t have tried it over the other options available there, but it had been recommended to my wife and I, so we tried it.  She got some type of schnitzel, and I got a sampler plate with bratwurst, knackwurst, and roast beef.  It was all really good.  The default side items are German potato salad (which is very different from American potato salad, and considerably better) and sauerkraut (which wasn’t as bad as I expected).  Then for dessert we went to an Italian restaurant we like, which was just a few steps away.  There we enjoyed live classical piano and had creme brulee.  That was a nice touch to the end of our vacation.

I played on clay tennis courts for the first time.  If you’re not familiar with clay courts, that’s the surface of the French Open at Roland Garros.  What makes it unique is that the ball slows down after bouncing and you can slide.  So I was looking forward to hitting the ball while sliding.  But it didn’t all go according to plan…  I didn’t slide much at all.  I wonder if the clay wasn’t authentic, or if I’m just too heavy or too slow…  🙂  It could be some combination of those things.  Oh, well…

On the way there we took scenic Hwy 7, which was fun to drive.  I like driving through mountains with sharp curves; that’s quite a different experience from what I grew up with, where everywhere was flat farmland.

One last point and then I’ll quit boring you with my vacation stories…  (Although it’s not like anyone is forcing you to keep reading.)  🙂  We did some shopping on the last day there, and one thing I wanted to find was a nice-looking pair of khaki shorts.  Several stores had khaki shorts, but most of them looked like they had been worn for a few years.  Why do people want to buy worn-out clothes?  I know some people have that preference, so some stores will carry it.  But why don’t a few of the stores have some new-looking shorts?  Does every store have to follow the same trends and fads?  It shouldn’t be so difficult to find a nice-looking pair of shorts…  That’s part of why I don’t like shopping for clothes.

I’ll stop rambling now about my vacation.  (I wonder if anybody is even still reading this…  Is anybody out there?  [silence]  hmm…)  I could write more about all we did, although the main focus of it all was to relax and get away from work.  It sure was nice not working!  I could get used to that!

Tomorrow we’ll return to the regularly-scheduled blog postings already in progress…




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