25 09 2006

Saturday morning I went outside on my back porch after I woke up, to enjoy the weather.  There were lots of dark clouds, a cool breeze, and a temperature in the 70s — just about perfect.  Then the cold front started coming through, and there were lots of dark, billowing clouds flying overhead quickly, and I could see that there was a heavy downpour of rain coming my way.  It was very impressive.  I could hear the rain before it even got to me.  I wish I would’ve had my camera with me, because it looked neat.

While outside, I was praying some, and I started thinking of reality.  There is more to reality than what we usually realize.  Now, I’m not talking about other dimensions or parallel universes or some weird stuff, but how we aren’t sensing all there is.  If you’ve had a real encounter with God, you know there is a spiritual realm.  It coincides with our “normal” life on Earth, but it’s much bigger.  This concept is somewhat like how children see the world — they are ignorant and naive — compared to an adult.  Children usually have no concept of bad people and things like bills and mortgages; when they want a toy at the store, they expect their parents to buy it — there’s no calculations of the monthly budget and other expenses.  Then eventually they have to grow up and deal with bills and not being able to buy everything they want and having to go to work regardless of whether they want to and having to watch out for dangerous situations.  The child is living in the same world as an adult, but they experience less of it.  In a similar way, we often live that way regarding the spiritual realm.

When you walk in the Spirit, you see things differently, and you hear God better.  You get beyond valuing people according to how they look, how funny or annoying they are, how they can benefit you, etc.  You can see them as God sees them, with pure love and compassion.  Then you can love the “unlovable”.  Walking in the Spirit, you find your purpose and you see what’s really important in life.  Our life should be more than just working, buying stuff, being entertained, and so on.  You also see sin differently — it’s bad not just because it’s against the rules, but it’s bad because it’s destructive and because it displeases God.  Entertaining a sinful thought isn’t okay, because it leads to bad things.  If you plant bad seeds in your mind, you reap a bad harvest.

We must spend quality time with God to maintain the proper perspective.  Many things in this world will try to alter our worldview.  Our employer may try to convince us that our job is of the utmost importance.  The world will usually tell us to consume more entertainment and to purchase more stuff.  (Notice how those things are about pleasing yourself.)  But we should strive to please God and to help the people around us.  Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we genuinely cared about each other and tried to help our neighbors?

(I realize a lot more could be said about this concept…  Hopefully this is enough to spark some thinking about seeing more of reality.  If you have more to add, feel free to leave a comment.)




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26 09 2006

Sometimes I get caught up in trying to figure God out with my own reasoning instead of looking at the exact representation of God’s character: Jesus Christ. We tend to project our own way of thinking and seeing things onto God and we soon begin to believe that He thinks like us.

The “WWJD” fad has faded some, but what if we all stopped and asked ourselves, “What would Jesus do? How would Jesus think? How does Jesus view this situation?” Then, we would fulfill the Scripture that says in Philippians 2:5, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.”

It is possible to do this or the Bible would not have commanded us to do so. We have to stop thinking carnally and think in the mind of Christ. How? By knowing Him, by reading His Word and spending quiet, quality time with Him. By praying in and walking in the Spirit. Then, we simply trust and obey. Trust that He will lead you into paths of righteousness and obey Him as He leads us. That is the ultimate reality.

2 10 2006

Well said! I think what you mentioned is a big problem in the Church these days : “trying to figure God out with my own reasoning”. I’ve heard of churches changing their doctrine to fit current “trends” concerning things like divorce, abortion, homosexuality, salvation, holiness, sin, etc. What people are forgetting is that the Bible is the Truth, and we cannot change it. Even if we take a vote and say, “We think it should be this way”, it doesn’t change what the actual Truth is. People better remember they will have to answer according to the Truth, not according to what they think the truth should be.

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