putting prayer above sports?

27 09 2006

In Nigeria, an important soccer game got moved to another city so the stadium could be used for an all-night prayer meeting.  Would this ever happen in America?  Would we relocate a football game for such reasons?  Or could we even get enough people at an all-night prayer vigil so that a big stadium is necessary?




One response

29 10 2006
Jason Rapert


Thank you for a venue that makes people think. I don’t get to visit here enough, but when I do, I always enjoy the content.

I have to comment about your reference to Africa, specifically Nigeria, where a sporting event was moved from a stadium to allow a prayer event to be held there. You ask if this would ever happen in America – not today. You ask if we could get enough people at an all-night prayer vigil – probably not.

Americans, church folks included, are consumed with materialism and pleasure. I include church folks because I am one of them and I see materialism as rampant in churches as I do in our culture in general. Not until our society is completely shaken by the Holy Spirit will America truly “wake up”. In our society today, we have millions more fervently dedicated to the support of their sports teams than church folks are to their convictions – in fact many of the sports fans are Christians. I am all for supporting “your team”, but I think there should be no team we holler more for than Jesus Christ and His Church.

As for prayer vigils…most people won’t drive across town to spend one hour in prayer with others, let alone support an event to the point that it supplants a football game. The Word of God says that “if my people will humble themselves, and pray, I will heal their land”…Beppo, Americans just are not praying to the degree we should.

I have been to Africa 3 times, about to make my 4th trip. God is moving mightily there because people are focused upon God as their resource, not money. They see healings there because they see God as their healer, not doctors – they hardly have any doctors anyway. They see God as their provider because they do not have a welfare system to take care of them.

Oddly enough, “civilized society” has spent decades of time and money to develop institutions and remedies to help people better their lives, which has had the inverse effect of making their lives “better” while making their spiritual development worse because their dependence is now on man-made remedies as opposed to moves of God. Africa needs America’s money, and America needs Africa’s spirit. What could God do if that were to happen?

We all better focus on Jesus now, because there will be no other concerns except our knowing Him when we are standing before Almighty God at the conclusion of our earthly life.

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