our universe may be leaking

29 09 2006

If it’s leaking, what is it leaking into?  And how?  Some scientists think there are multiple universes (called a multiverse), each with its own laws of physics and constants of nature.  Why would they think this?  Apparently that line of thinking started with unanswered questions like this :

How can gravity be so strong that it can move planets yet so weak that a simple refrigerator magnet can resist its pull?  The question eats at the core of physics; our best theories don’t come close to explaining why gravity is so much weaker than the other fundamental forces (electro-magnetism, for example).

That’s quite an interesting question!  You can read this article at Popular Science for how they think gravity might be leaking out into other dimensions.  But don’t get too caught up in this thinking — consider this statement from the article : “His first piece of evidence, albeit indirect, for this multiverse could be collected as soon as next year.”  Yeah, there’s no proof yet whatsoever.  And there may never be.  It’s hard to imagine multiple universes out there, but, then again, it’s difficult to comprehend parts of the universe that we do know about.




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