Michael Livengood

5 10 2006

Recently Fab and I went down to Malvern to attend a revival service with Michael Livengood.  He’s been to our church several times, and he is an awesome man of God.  The sermon was so anointed and convicting!  Fab and I both went to the altar to seek God and get prayed for, and when Bro. Livengood and a pastor from New Zealand (who he works with sometimes) prayed for us, they said exactly what each of us were praying about.  It’s amazing when God gives someone a “word of knowledge” so they can pray for you very specifically.  They also spoke prophetically to each of us, and it was in line with Scripture and with other prophecies that have been spoken about me before.  So I receive it.  It’s almost hard to imagine myself being in the place they spoke of, but that’s because I can’t do it — but with God all things are possible!

If you ever get a chance to hear Bro. Livengood, I highly recommend it.  These days he spends about half the year in New Zealand, but he also ministers around Illinois quite a bit and sometimes in Arkansas.  He may not be a “big-name” evangelist, but perhaps he should be.  I don’t think he cares about being famous, which is all the more reason he would be good for it.  What makes him special is that he’s anointed and he loves Jesus.  That may not sound like much, but I’ve met very few people like him.  He reminds me of how Jesus was when He walked the earth.  That’s quite a compliment, I know.  (And really, all Christians should be like that, but we tend to settle for less than all God has for us.)

Every time I’ve been fortunate to spend time with Bro. Livengood, he’s always focused on God.  But it doesn’t make him “distant” from his surroundings (if that makes sense).  He loves people, because the love of God flows through Him.  You can also tell the presence of God dwells with him.  (I’m talking about the manifest presence of God; I realize He is omnipresent, but sometimes He chooses to manifest His presence in a particular place where you can feel His presence.)  Just being around him makes me want to strive for a closer walk with God.  That’s how I want to be.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying Bro. Livengood is someone to be worshipped or considered above other people.  He’s just a man, and he’s not perfect.  What makes him special is that he is so focused on God.  To me (and I think to many people), he is a great example of how a Christian should be.  Ideally, when people are around a Christian, they should think of Jesus.  Unfortunately, many of us fall short of that standard because we get distracted by various things or we don’t surrender all of ourselves to God, or sometimes we may compare ourselves with those around us to gauge how well we’re doing spiritually (and that’s a bad practice).  So don’t judge Jesus from just a few people, because some people claim Christianity but aren’t really living for God.

It’s so refreshing to be around people like Bro. Livengood who truly live the life.  It’s so obvious that he is “real”.  I’m thankful that I’ve been able to spend some time around him, because he has made an impression on my life.




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