polygamy in America

6 10 2006

Do you think polygamy (i.e., having multiple spouses) will ever be legal in the United States?  At first, the notion of that seems absurd and highly unlikely.  That’s just not normal, and it’s not that way now.  But Tucker Carlson at MSNBC.com thinks polygamy will become legal within the next twenty years.  What’s scary is that his reasoning actually fits in with the direction our society is headed.  He says :

Twenty years from now, polygamy will be legal in the United States. How do I know this? Because there’s no longer a good argument against it. Gay marriage has made polygamy inevitable.

Confused by the connection? Here it is: Once we agree that it is unreasonable to limit marriage arbitrarily to one man and one woman, what is the argument for limiting marriage to two men or two women? There isn’t one.

But, wait, you say. Polygamy is immoral. It’s icky and weird. It’s never been legal before. And you may be right. But those aren’t arguments. They’re reactions. And they’re not good enough. In the absence of a rational justification for banning something, it becomes legal. That’s the rule in America.

If anything, the case for polygamy (or more precisely the absence of a case against it) is even stronger than that for gay marriage. Unlike gay marriage, which was unheard of in human history until a few decades ago, polygamy has been around forever. It’s still the norm in many parts of the world, including parts of Utah.

… In a society in which the highest value is freedom of choice, you can’t tell consenting adults how to express their affections.

Scary, huh?  What’s happening is that our society is throwing away the traditional definition of marriage, saying it’s not just between a man and a woman.  If you throw that out, you open the door for all kinds of perversions.  Let’s hope people see the slippery slope they’re treading on by redefining marriage.

We need to take a stand for keeping marriage defined as God created it : one man and one woman.




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