an idea for sports video games

16 10 2006

The upcoming will let you create your own avatar (picture for your profile) and store it in your controller.  That’s a neat idea!  So when you go to a friend’s house to play, you take your controller and you have your own “player” with you.

I have an idea that ought to be implemented in games, particularly for sports games : allow players to create their own celebration scenes.  You could have the option of spontaneously creating your celebration dance in real-time, using the controller.  Or, you could perfect your celebration dance while playing alone, save it on your controller with your profile, and then when you’re playing football or golf (or any sport) against your friends, you have your own custom celebrations for special moments like touchdowns, a big tackle, a great drive or putt, a homerun, etc.  It should be setup where you can trigger it when you want to.  I think this would be really popular.




One response

16 10 2006
Ramblin' Stew

My awesome celebration would combine elements of drama, comedy, and whimsical fancy. It would begin with the lost Electric Slide of the Turkish Ottoman Empire (the same one that Dick Van Dyke kept tripping over). After the slide, my character would give an embarrassing speech where he thanks his mom, agent, dog trainer, and personal serf. Shortly thereafter he would creep closer and closer to the screen so that his pixel-ness becomes obnoxious. His hand would come out of the tv in search of popcorn. If the hand finds it, you’re safe. If it doesn’t…..beware. There is no fury like that of a virtual hand looking for scalding hot popcorn.

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