Bush’s impact on the economy

1 11 2006

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, adjusted for inflation, has risen at a 6 percent annual rate over the last four years.  If people were blaming President George W. Bush for the recession a few years ago, then they have to give him credit for the current growth.  I know, I know, it’s a lot more complicated than just one man being responsible for the economy.  That’s true.  And it was true when we were in the recession…




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10 11 2006
Hershel Wilson

I am a little late reading this one, but I do have some thoughts about the economy and President Bush. During “W’s” watch we were attaacked on our own soil for the first time since Pearl Harbor. Our airline industry was partially shutdown for months. The stock market droped from 11000+ to the 7000’s. Later we had some of the worst natural disastors we have ever seen in our country. And now we are still in a war with an enemy like we have never seen before-even in Viet Nam. (I am a Viet Nam vet). Through all of this our market is now in the 12000’s, gas is back down to around $2.00 a gallon and unemployment is in the 5% range. Now , what did “W” have to do with our rebound? I think it has a lot to do with his firm stand on tax cuts and his confidence in the free enterprise system. Never forget that all money belongs to we the people until the government takes part of it away. So tax cuts are not the government giving us money, it is letting us keep our own money–which we spend and create more jobs and more tax payers!

14 11 2006

It’s obvious we’ve made a big improvement from the recession a few years ago, but you never hear the media giving “W” any credit.

Hershel, I appreciate the fact that you served our country in Viet Nam. I know our soldiers don’t get much thanks from the media and politicians these days, but without the sacrifices they have made, we wouldn’t have a free country. People tend to take our freedom for granted.

I also agree with you about the tax cuts. The government already gets a large chunk of my paycheck (and everyone else’s). The economic issues we face are mostly due to government waste and corruption.

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