quotes about voting

6 11 2006

To go with my post earlier today about the importance of voting, here’s a few quotes about voting :

To me casting a vote is the most articulate, powerful and civilized way that an adult human being asserts her/his citizenship.  When you vote, you are making the statement, albeit silently, “I am a citizen of this country and I count”. ~ Astier M. Almedom

By participating in this election with my single vote I take full advantage of an opportunity to support, be heard, protest, cheer, make a difference, be a contributing citizen, care and be fervently involved in the selection of the candidate who will shape the political history of our country. ~ Gloria Riccobono

Casting my one vote is an expression of my hope that change is possible. ~ Rebecca Goldenberg

I was born in USSR where a vote did not mean anything.  Here [in the U.S.] one vote carries both a symbolic and a practical significance.  Symbolic — in a sense that it gives the governments a notice that someone is watching.  Practical — because ever so often those close elections happen where it actually can tip a balance.  It happens all the time in local elections, but how many states in the previous election were decided by less than a thousand votes? ~ Pavel Vasilev




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