why I vote even though I dislike politics

6 11 2006

I realize I’ve been writing about politics several times recently, which is not normal for me.  In fact, it seems weird.  I used to not be interested in politics at all, and I still despise parts of it, but I’ve realized there are groups of people that are trying to destroy our country, and something must be done about it.  If we stand idly by, we may lose many of the freedoms that we take for granted.

There are groups that want to remove all references to religion from public display (even on private property).  There are groups that want to take away our freedom of speech (by creating “hate speech” laws, which may sound good when presented but will turn out to be a really bad idea).  Some groups are trying to legalize all forms of immorality, by claiming people have the “right” to do whatever they want.  Some groups even want to convert America into a socialist or communist state.

So even though I still dislike many parts of politics and I think there has to be a better way, I still want to do what I can to take a stand for what’s right.  So I’m writing about politics, and I vote.  I think the United States of America has a great heritage, and it’s worth fighting for.  We really are in a “culture war”, and if we don’t fight for what is right, we may lose it.  Our founding fathers knew what they were doing when they established this country, yet some people are trying to erase their ideas from our history.  (There are already certain documents from the early history of our country that are now banned in some public schools.  Did you know that?)

You may think your vote doesn’t make a difference, but it does.  There are a lot of people who never vote, and if they all took a stand, it would definitely make a difference.  And sometimes elections do come down to a few votes (like the 2004 Presidential election).  We need to do what we can.




One response

6 11 2006

Here’s a video that has some neat information about how one vote can make a difference…


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