Why does party affiliation matter to Congressmen?

9 11 2006

After a state representative is elected, why does it matter what party they are?  (I know why it does now, but I’m asking should it matter.)  As it is now, they usually represent their party more than the people.  I know the people elected them, but that doesn’t mean the majority agrees with their party on every issue.  Like in Arkansas, both our state representatives are Democrats, and the people voted something like 70% for the Marriage Protection Act, yet both our representatives voted against it in Congress.  Shouldn’t our elected officials be representing what the people want?

It seems to be way too much about which party is in power instead of what is good for America.  That’s one of the major things I despise about politics (that, and the lying and deception).  The main stories in the news the past few days (during the 2006 mid-term elections) was about which party would be in power in the Senate and the House of Representatives.  Why is that?  I realize each side has some differing views from the other, but shouldn’t they agree on some things?  Why can’t compromise be found so they can work together?  Why is gaining this “victory” so much bigger than the right person being elected for the position?  (Because honestly, regardless of which party you support, not every person on the ballot on your “side” is the best person for the job.  There is corruption and ineptness on both sides.)

I’m not against the form of government we have (or had), but it seems like the struggle for power is getting out of hand.




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