terrorists’ view of our recent election

10 11 2006

Some of our politicians are saying the insurgency in Iraq will stop when we pull our troops from there.  I’m thinking it would stop only when the terrorists have taken control of Iraq or they’re defeated.  They’re not just fighting us — they’re also fighting each other.

Today I came across an article that gives the comments from some of the terrorist leaders about our recent election and the suggestion by some Congressmen to pull out of Iraq.  Check out this excerpt and see the situation from the other side :

Everybody has an opinion about Tuesday’s midterm congressional election in the US – including senior terrorist leaders interviewed by WND who say they hope Americans sweep the Democrats into power because of the party’s position on withdrawing from Iraq, a move, as they see it, that ensures victory for the worldwide Islamic resistance. The terrorists told WorldNetDaily an electoral win for the Democrats would prove to them Americans are “tired”.

They rejected statements from some prominent Democrats in the US that a withdrawal from Iraq would end the insurgency, explaining an evacuation would prove resistance works and would compel jihadists to continue fighting until America is destroyed.

Abu Abdullah, a leader of Hamas’ military wing in the Gaza Strip, said the policy of withdrawal “proves the strategy of the resistance is the right strategy against the occupation.”

Islamic Jihad’s Saadi, laughing, stated, “There is no chance that the resistance will stop.”

Jihad Jaara said an American withdrawal would “mark the beginning of the collapse of this tyrant empire (America). Therefore, a victory in Iraq would be a greater defeat for America than in Vietnam.”

It makes you think, doesn’t it?




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10 11 2006

I read an article on this topic just before visiting your site. It had even more disturbing quotes from what is said to be a recording of the al-Qaida leader in Iraq. The link is here.

“He gloated over Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld’s resignation, claimed to have 12,000 fighters under his command who “have vowed to die for God’s sake,” and said his fighters will not rest until they blow up the White House and occupy Jerusalem.”

“Al-Muhajir, an Egyptian also known as Abu Ayyub al-Masri, boasted that al-Qaida in Iraq is moving toward victory faster than expected because of Bush’s mistakes.”

“”We call on the lame duck not to hurry his escape the way the defense secretary did,” al-Muhajir said in reference to Rumsfeld’s resignation as Pentagon chief on Wednesday.”

13 11 2006

I’m buying an island in the carribean and moving there. See you guys later…

6 03 2007
Loyal Demoncrat

Are you saying that the democrats are not tough on terrorism? I think this is absurd! You people need to realize that in order to convince these terrorists that we are not their enemy is to leave their homes and cease to be THEIR ENEMY.

Bush started this war unfairly and without any evidence to convince the world that Iraq is a threat to us. Those terrorists are trying to defend themselves from America’s aggression. We are the aggressors here, not them!

If we had tried to treat them with respect like we treat the europeans, then maybe they wouldn’t try to hurt us. What happened to “turn the other cheek”? We American’s need to let the middle east handle their own problems and not try to take over the world with our greedy capitalistic ways.

Our military is not as tough as we think. If we are so awesome then why are our soldiers still in Iraq? If this is not Vietnam, then why is this war lasting about as long as the Korean and Vietnam wars???

Bush and the republicans are the ones to blame for all this mess and I am glad that the democrats will fix everything. You wait and see. Hillary will be in office and all will be blessed because of her leadership. And I will come back on this blog to rub it in your faces.

Of course, that is if this blog will even be functional.

I pray God will have mercy on your souls.

9 03 2007

Wow… there is much to debunk here in this post, where can we begin??!

First and foremost, I will begin with this statement: “If we had tried to treat them (Terrorists) with respect like we treat the Europeans, then maybe they wouldn’t try to hurt us.”

Umm… you think? You mean they wouldn’t attack us in 1993 at the World Trade Center? And you think they wouldn’t attack the USS Cole? Perhaps they would even say they’re sorry for killing almost 3,000 innocent Americans on September 11th??! Gee, what a great idea!

Next: “Bush and the republicans are the ones to blame for all this mess and I am glad that the democrats will fix everything.”

It truly is sad that there is so many people that believe the worn out “Bush lied, people died” mantra. Bush used the same intelligence that the Clinton administration had. Hillary & Bill are on record saying that Sadam & Iraq was a threat. Bush was just finally willing to DO something about it! (And even he didn’t until 9/11 happened, but at least he did!). Now, Dem’s are just attacking him for pure political purposes, and it’s SCARY.

There are other rebuttals that could be made, but I will leave that to the next brilliant poster… 🙂

9 03 2007
Loyal American

The only ways this blog may be down are as follows:

1. Jesus returns and the web-hosting company doesn’t get paid when Beppo flies away.
2. Hillary or another democrat is elected president and terrorists come in and kill us all.
3. Hillary or another democrat is elected president and they censor free speech.
4. Hillary or another democrat is elected president, we get nationalized healthcare, and have to wait a long time because of bureaucratic red-tape for a simple medical procedure or exam and in the ensuing time, we die as our condition deteriorates from a minor problem to a major one.
5. Some islamo-fascist dictator or a pot-bellied, dog-eating N. Korean dictator makes a nuke and they launch it at us and/or Israel and knocks out internet service and/or life as we know it.

10 03 2007
Loyal Demoncrat

Debunk this!…

They attack us because we were not treating them fairly (even back in 1993, and with the U.S.S. Cole, etc)..

We Americans have always had this “we are better than the world” mentality and it is now catching up to us.

Even though Clinton knew about those terrorist threats, they were not completed because of his diligent, competent leadership. Clinton did not provoke them to attack. Let’s not forget that under Clinton, Israel and the Palastinians signed a peace treaty and it wasn’t until the Bush administration that hostilities arose again. The reason why those terrorists say those things like “we hope democrats get in power” is because they know democrats will not hurt them and start wars with them. Peace in maintained and the world is a better place.

Bush/republicans/conservitives/fundamentalist christians are narrow minded in their view of the world.

11 03 2007

A few thoughts on the rambling by “Loyal Demoncrat”… he said :

> Our military is not as tough as we think. If we are so awesome then why are our soldiers still in Iraq?

It’s because we’re being “civilized”, and also because the liberal media throws a fit if anyone gets killed — on either side. If we were to flex our military muscles, progress would be made quickly.

> Clinton did not provoke them to attack.

Did Bush? I do believe the terrorists attacked us first. We were being peaceful until 9/11, when they killed thousands of innocent people.

> The reason why those terrorists say those things like “we hope democrats get in power” is because they know democrats will not hurt them and start wars with them. Peace in maintained and the world is a better place.

It’s probably true that most Democrats wouldn’t attack. But the only peace would be after the terrorists destroyed America and Israel. They don’t want peaceful negotiations — they want us dead. They don’t honor treaties (it’s actually part of Islam that they don’t have to honor contracts or covenants with “heathens”).

Will it take another devastating attack inside our country for people to realize that negotiations just aren’t working with the terrorists? I’m not suggesting we eradicate them all, but we do need to let them know that we mean business. Offering them money and special benefits isn’t the way to make permanent peace with them.

> Bush/republicans/conservitives/fundamentalist christians are narrow minded in their view of the world.

I don’t think so. But consider this — what about the radical Muslims, are they narrow minded? They want to rule the world and kill all the “heathens”. Think about that for a while…

The far-left liberals sure like to put down Christianity and conservatives, but they hardly ever say anything negative about the radical Muslims. Why is that? Is it because Christians and conservatives are generally peaceful, while the radical Muslims would like to kill you for speaking out against them?

12 03 2007

Just a few thoughts- Being a loyal democrat is one thing, but being a loyal demon-crat is another. The main problem we have here is not understanding that Bill and Hillary are not Democrats. JFK was a democrat- Zel Miller from Georgia was a democrat. Joe Liberman is a democrat. Bill and Hillary are socialist. Look at Hillary’s health care plans. Before u say u want socialized mecidine u need to look at Walter Reed Army hospital — a perfect example of socialized medicine. Now we need to go back in history to before WWII. England’s Neville Chamberlin tried “talking”to Hitler -until Hitler started bombing England. The USA turned the other cheek until Dec 7 1941. Like it or not, we are in a war that somebody will win. If we win there will be a Democracy in Iraq. If we leave and the terrorist win we will all find out that there will be no stopping them. Just from birthrate alone France will be a Muslim country in about 20 years. The USA will not exist as we know it. (of course some people would love that –they think). I want u to picture a Florida beach 50 years from now. And u see a lotof men in long beards and all the women are covered from head to toe in Berkas with only their eyes showing. We also need to understand that there will never be peace in the middle east until the Muslims love their children more than they hate the Jews !!!! Like I said at the beginning –just some thoughts —

13 03 2007
Loyal American

Why should a loyal demoncrat blame anyone other than America? It can’t possibly be the fault of the poor murderers who crashed planes into our buildings and killed thousands of our people. LD, you need to lose the guilt over being an American. Americans are NOT better than other people, but our ideology and style of government are superior. While we’re not faultless and there are some things in government that should be changed, this is still the greatest country in the history of the world. When in the history of the world have so many prospered and enabled other countries to prosper? If the U.S. didn’t exist, nearly the whole world would be 3rd world. Our tax dollars give aid all around the world and we get nothing but grief for it. I say we yank all that aid for just one year and see how they get along without us. Call me narrow minded, but if you’re right, is it really being narrow minded or just being smart? LD, start thinking for yourself, logically, and don’t buy into the lies the far left has been deceiving you with for far too long.

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