Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays

14 11 2006

Once again major retail stores are deciding whether to say “Merry Christmas” or whether to censor the greeting by mandating the use of “Happy Holidays” instead.  Fortunately, it appears that most stores are returning to the use of “Merry Christmas”, with Walmart leading the way.  So far, this year’s standout is Best Buy, which has forbidden employees from telling customers “Merry Christmas”.

Does anyone else find this censorship of Christmas ridiculous?  Let’s have a quick look at the facts :

  • Over 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas.
  • People should not get offended when you say “Merry Christmas”.  If they do, they need to grow up.
  • Christmas is a federal holiday.  And it’s called Christmas.  Check your calendar.

Will the large retailers next start caving on other holidays?  I haven’t heard complaints yet, but perhaps Thanksgiving will be next — some people aren’t thankful for our country and our freedom.  Then there’s Independence Day — some people in our country really don’t like America, and they aren’t going to celebrate our independence; they’d rather we be enslaved to their fascist party.  And we can’t forget Easter — it’s based on Christianity, like Christmas, so I’m sure somebody will get offended at that.

So maybe I was having a little fun in the last paragraph… (although it’s possible that I’m not that far off.)  The whole “politically correct” atmosphere that is starting to choke our society is really disturbing.  Are people so closed-minded that they cannot tolerate a holiday they don’t celebrate?  Are people so mentally weak and unstable that they will easily get offended and devote their life to removing ideas they don’t agree with?  What happened to our freedom?




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14 11 2006

It really is amazing how intolerant the politically correct crew is, when they are the ones that “preach tolerance”. But the only people they are intolerent of is Christians. As too what has happened to our freedom– I think we have sit by and watched them take it away little by little. We have been like the frog put in a pan of cold water and the burner turned on low. We haven’t paid attention to what is going on and we better get out of the pan soon-the water is starting to boil !! As my daughter sez often -Are you looking east????

8 12 2006

Now Gap is refusing to say Christmas in their stores. And they own Old Navy and Banana Republic, among others. This is silly…

Why is this happening?

9 12 2006

Because our country is full of offended, limp-wristed, slack-jawed, childish, wimpy people who cannot tolerate an opposing point of view, ludicrous political correctness is the rule. We are no longer believers in the long standing norm of “majority rules” with minority rights allowed a voice. Now, the voice of the minority squelches the voice of the majority because we in the majority are so afraid of offending the minority. We shouldn’t be, because the minority is certainly not afraid of offending the majority with their outlandish, kooky ideas. It’s time for “majority rule” once again.

9 12 2006
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[…] Recently I wrote a post called “Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays”, and I want to add an interesting statistic to the story. […]

30 11 2009

I think “happy holidays” carries with it a hidden agenda in singling out one holiday for generic treatment. …sort of like “take that” with a smile. I recommend the following post, which I enjoyed:

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