confessions of a Bapticostal

17 11 2006

I’m not talking about myself, although I suppose I could be.  I grew up in the Church of God, then spent several years in a Baptist church, then started going to an Assembly of God church.  And through that mixture I learned that there are “good” (well-meaning and sincere) people on both sides of the debate about Pentecostalism, and thus I must search the Bible for the truth and not depend fully on friends or family.

I came across this article by J. Lee Grady, called Confessions of a Bapticostal, where he discusses his first experience with praying in tongues and how the Baptist teaching he was hearing helped him seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Then he tells how a Baptist pastor recently told an audience at Southwestern Seminary that “tongues is a valid gift for today”.  As you can imagine, this caused an outrage among the Southern Baptist Convention.  The president of the college officially rebuked the pastor and announced that his “offending sermon” would not be available on the school’s website.

I know people have debated the gifts of the Holy Spirit for years and years, and some people refuse to even consider the fact that the Holy Spirit still works miracles.  I’m not going to debate it right now, because there are many websites that discuss each side.  I just ask that you read the Bible for yourself and have an open mind about it.  Remember, there are a lot of people on both sides of the issue, so you can’t always go by what you have been told, even by your parents or your long-time pastor.

I’ll close with a good starting point — an excerpt from 1 Corinthians 14:39 : “forbid not to speak with tongues”.




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