the source of happiness

12 12 2006

We all have dreams of what we want our life to be, ways that it could be better.  It could involve people we want in our life (particularly if we’re single), things we want to buy, or things we want to accomplish.  We should have dreams and goals in our life, of how we want to make our life better.  Some of these things we have some control over, while some we have limited control over.  But we always have control over how much we are actually enjoying life.

It’s not the “stuff” in our life that gives us lasting happiness.  It’s our attitude.  Whether we have a lot of material things or not doesn’t matter; whether we are married or not doesn’t matter.  We are in control of how we view our life.  If we are always comparing it to our dreams, then we will almost always see that our life falls short, and that can be discouraging and frustrating and depressing.  We must remember that life is a journey.  We should try to make progress toward our goals every day, but we should enjoy life each day along the way.

Of course, the primary purpose in life is not being happy.  We were created by God to bring pleasure to Him.  But He wants us to enjoy life along the way (via pure methods).  He offers us His joy and peace, which is far more valuable than anything the world offers.  When you find your purpose in God, your life will have meaning and value, and you will make a difference in this world, which is ultimately what we want.  You may not realize it, because the world tells us that being successful involves making lots of money and accumulating lots of material things.  And it’s not wrong to make lots of money and buy stuff, but those things don’t make you truly happy.  Many of the rich people in the world have figured that out — they’ll make millions (or billions), buy everything they ever dreamed of, and they still aren’t content with their life and they may even have trouble sleeping at night.

Only in God do we find what life is all about.  And when we put life in its proper perspective, then we are in a position to enjoy life everyday.  But if we’re always looking at the past (that we can’t do much about) or the future (which isn’t here yet), we can’t fully enjoy today.  We must live in the moment, seeking to know God more and to please Him, and trying to help others.  Then you can live life “to the fullest”.




2 responses

12 12 2006

I believe that God created man, and when He did He left a empty spot in our being. The only way to true happiness and real JOY is to fill that empty space. You can try drugs , cars, food or anything else you want to fill that spot but they don’t work. It can only be filled with the Holy Spirit. Then you can realize what True Joy and Happiness and Contentment really is !!!!!!!!!!!!

13 12 2006

I agree that there is a God-shaped void that we each have until we find God. I know some people may think that’s silly, but I suspect every one will eventually reach a point where they think, “Is this what life is all about? Is this all there is?” Throughout history, man has tried every means available to achieve fulfillment in life, but none of them are what you’re ultimately looking for — except a personal relationship with God. And that makes sense, because God created us, so of course we find our purpose in Him.

But you have to know God, not just know about Him. Many people turn to “religion” for the answer, but the answer is God. True Christianity is a relationship with God, but unfortunately many people have made it into merely a man-directed religion. Many people go to church every week because that’s what they’re “supposed to do”, but religion in itself isn’t the answer. God wants to know each of us personally. He wants to speak to us and listen to us. He wants to walk with us through life and to help us on this journey.

If you don’t really know God, I encourage you to seek Him. He wants to be found, but you have to want to find Him. There is really nothing else that compares.

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