Let’s say thanks to our troops

14 12 2006

Xerox is sponsoring a program called Let’s Say Thanks that sends free postcards to U.S. military personnel stationed overseas.  All you have to do is visit the website, select a card design, then select a message.  It’s that simple.  You can also write your own short message to have on the back of the postcard.

Whether or not you agree with the war in Iraq or our strategy in it, our troops are over there fighting for our freedom.  We often take our freedom for granted, but without the sacrifices made by our soldiers, we wouldn’t have this freedom.  So please take a moment to send a free postcard to support our troops.  It only takes a minute, and I’m sure it will bless and encourage them.  I can’t imagine how it would feel to be in such a dangerous place all the time, especially being apart from your family and friends during the holidays.  I imagine they appreciate all correspondence from people back home who are thinking of them.

Please pass the word to all your friends about this program.  This is a very easy way to encourage our troops and show them we care.




One response

15 12 2006

There’s some links on that page that are neat to read, like ‘From the Troops’ and ‘Messages of the Week’. There’s also a few pictures of the soldiers who have received postcards! One soldier wrote about how much he appreciated the card, and he said this:

“Your contributions are nowhere near inadequate. Please never forget what this means to a soldier. Thank you for your love and thoughts.”

So it does make a difference! I hope everyone will send a card…

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