review of the Nintendo Wii

5 01 2007

I’ve had my for over a month now, so it’s time for a review.  Before I get to it, though, some of the readers who know me may be wondering why I got one, so I will explain.  There’s several reasons…  One, I enjoy playing video games.  🙂  Not only are they fun, but they exercise your brain and improve your hand/eye coordination.  Two, video games are great for male bonding.  I’ve built several friendships with an initial foundation of gaming, which later opened the way for ministry.  Third, I sometimes ride my exercise bike while playing.  I used to do this in high school with the original Nintendo (NES), and it worked well.  You don’t pay much attention to the exercise, so you aren’t thinking about how you’d rather be doing something else.  In the past week, I’ve had two sessions where the bike said I burned over 550 calories.  And it was fun!

Now, onto the review.  I’m not one of those who has to have the best possible graphics — gameplay is more important.  However, since I do most of my gaming on the PC, I’m accustomed to better-than-console graphics, so I was somewhat apprehensive before I saw one.  But the graphics have not been a problem at all.  The third-party games I have look good.  On the included game, , the players aren’t very detailed, but they weren’t meant to be (some say they resemble Veggie Tales characters); the backgrounds actually look good.  But that’s not the big deal of it — the main thing is that it is extremely FUN!  Moving the controller is much more immersive than just pushing buttons.

Tennis and bowling are two sports I enjoy playing in real life but that haven’t translated to video games well — until now.  Those are the best games on Wii Sports (in my opinion).  There’s also baseball, golf, and boxing, along with training modes which are fun also.  I still enjoy playing Wii Sports, even though I’ve got other games also (which I will review later).  Everyone that has played Wii Sports has enjoyed it, even people who normally don’t like video games at all!  That says a lot.  The games are simple enough to pick up immediately, yet do get more difficult and challenging as you advance to “Pro” status.

Setup of the console was really easy.  It was even easy to configure it to use my wireless Internet connection (with WPA encryption).  The interface to the games and menus are intuitive and simple.

The Wii will play GameCube games off the CD, but I haven’t tried that yet.  However, I did buy Mario 64 on the Virtual Console and played it using a wireless Wavebird controller.  It looks and plays just like the original, according to a friend familiar with it.  Nintendo is adding new games to the Virtual Console each week, which can be bought for $5 to $10.  There’s several that I’m looking forward to getting when they are released.

Some people who have played Wii Sports have mentioned getting a little sore, and that’s actually a good thing.  It shows that you’re getting at least some exercise instead of just sitting on the couch.  But most of all, the games are fun to play.  It makes you feel more “in the game” to be moving and swinging than just pushing buttons and moving your thumbs.

I recommend that everyone tries the Nintendo Wii, even if you don’t normally like video games.  I realize not everyone will buy one, but it is a different experience and may change how you view video games.

If you’ve played it, feel free to share your experience in the comments section.

To find the Wii games I’ve reviewed : .




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5 01 2007

The Wii Rocks! I am one of those friends referred to in this review and was fortunate to be able to play the Wii at Beppo’s house – man was it great! My wife normally does not like video games at all, yet we spent literally hours playing bowling, tennis, and baseball via Wii Sports. Bowling & Tennis were my absolute faves, and I cannot wait to see what the Wii system will do with a more in-depth version of these sports (expanding out the very basic features in the game).

The way you interact with the games is truly revolutionary (ironic I use this word, as the Wii was originally codenamed “Revolution”). This is not just a system with better graphics and sound – it totally changes the way you play the game and it makes the games what they’re supposed to be – FUN. I have found that the gaming consoles were getting more & more geared towards hard-core gamers, where the games take a while to get used to and involved a rather large learning curve to be able to play it. With the Wii – anyone can pick up the game it comes with (Wii Sports) and thoroughly enjoy it.

I can’t wait to get one of my own! Until then, I will continue to mooch off of friends… ahem…

16 01 2007
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[…] The Wii has a lot of market share to gain if it’s going to take first place from the Xbox 360 or surpass the expectations of the PS3, but it’s certainly possible.  There’s a lot of “buzz” about the Wii (and rightly so, IMHO), and they’re still hard to find in stores.  Everyone that has played mine has enjoyed it, even people who don’t normally like video games.  (You can read my review of the Wii here.) […]

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