Is the minimum wage unconstitutional?

17 01 2007

Recently the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives voted to raise the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.25.  This was expected from them.  There’s a lot of debate about how this is bad for the economy and that it hurts small businesses and it doesn’t help people out of poverty.  You can read those all over the Internet.  But I’d like to look at the minimum wage from a different angle.

Is a federally mandated minimum wage constitutional?  Is it moral?

I know, it serves a purpose in preventing companies from unfairly paying employees.  Well, at least, it’s supposed to.  But before debating the effectiveness of it, consider if it should even exist.  If it’s unconstitutional, we should either get rid of it or amend the Constitution.

Here’s the article that inspired this thought : Minimum-wage immorality.  I encourage you to read it, since the author, Joseph Farah, does a good job of explaining why he thinks America shouldn’t have a minimum wage.

What do you think about this?




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18 01 2007

I wrote on my site that we should get rid of minimum wage. I’m all in favor of letting the individual industries and the market set minimum wage and not the Government.

18 01 2007

My thoughts on business and government is “I will take big business over big government any day”

30 01 2007
Kent j

Read the bill of rights. Number 9. It makes no sense that the FED needs to do this, whether its good or bad. The states can EASILY take care of it themselves. Its not IN the constitution to legislate wages. So.. who CARES if its good… the states are not STUPID! To me that is the scary part, states can take care of all welfare, schooling, employment laws etc etc rather than the FED dealing with it.
get them OUT

5 03 2007

Agreed; the primary people that are affected by minimum wage changes are not supporting families anyway – they are typically in high school or college, or working part-time as a secondary income to the primary income.

It’s asinine to say that doing this wage increase will “help the little people.” Oh yeah? Then why $7.25? Why not $10 p/hour? Or $20? Are you, the big government who is taking care of me, saying that all I need to support my family is $7.25 p/hour?

6 03 2007

I have a thought. Could it be that the government wants to raise minimum wage in order to collect more from businesses through income taxes??? Because if we get paid more then the government gets more too. Also, I wonder if it is unconstitutional for there to be an income tax to begin with? who thought of the idea anyway?

Anyway, it is clever on the government’s part to institute a higher minimum wage in order to collect more money with the disguise of helping the little guy.

6 03 2007

Except they won’t be collecting more because businesses now will not have the hiring power they once had so they will have to downsize their workforces to pay for the extra wages. This is just another class warfare scheme of the democrats with lily-livered republicans getting on-board for political points, attempting to rob the rich and give to the poor, all the while robbing the “poor” of the jobs they would’ve had if not for the hiring freezes and layoffs resulting from minimum wage increases.

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