violence in our entertainment

18 01 2007

Recently Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams was murdered in a drive-by shooting.  There seems to be a trend with African-American athletes being murdered in the past few years, according to a writer at  He addresses the problem in an article called A disturbing, violent trend.

You may already know whether or not you want to read it, but if you’re unsure, here’s a short excerpt :

While America is generally a violent place, no culture in this country glorifies violence more than the African-American community.  And consequently, no other racial group is as disproportionately affected by it.  This isn’t to say black people invented violence or have a penchant for it.  But far too many of us glorify shooting people for revenge, perceived slights or to prove toughness. … Of course, movies and songs don’t make people kill people, but they can influence the way people think and live.  But ultimately, if we want to see fewer black athletes as victims of violence, African-Americans must stop worshiping at the altar of their own demise. ~ Jemele Hill

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that.  But I will point out that violence is becoming much more prevalent in our entertainment.  There are network TV shows now depicting violence that used to be confined to R-rated movies.  Many shows now start with a “viewer discretion advised” disclaimer, even during prime-time.  Violence is becoming “normal”, and as such we get desensitized to it.  We are all influenced by what we see and hear, whether we want to be or not.  This will have an impact on our future…




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22 01 2007

desentized is the correct word. I am much older than most of your readers (i think). My dad bought us a TV in the mid 50’s, and I have had many years to watch tv go down hill. My wife and I thought it was so bad that we gave ours away in the late 80’s. What is funny to us is when we tell people that we don’t have a tv they look really funny and say How can u live with out a tv ?????? Glad u asked !! Go to Philippians 4 and read the whold chapter– but pay real close attention to verse 8. If what u watch on tv lines up with this verse then watch all u can — If not –Then u might need to turn it off. PS I get all my worldly STUFF on the radio , I just don’t have pictures.. so I ain’t perfect either !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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