using faith in science?

22 01 2007

I have misplaced where I initially found this particular quote, but hypotheses like this can be found on the Internet and in some science magazines.  Check this out :

Using developments in superstring theory, Steinhardt and Turok suggest that the Big Bang of our universe is a bridge to a pre-existing universe.  Creation undergoes an eternal succession of universes, with possibly trillions of years of evolution in each.  Gravity and the transition from Big Crunch to Big Bang characterize an everlasting succession of universes.

Talk about having to use faith!  Many of the people who deride Christianity and Intelligent Design for requiring faith are the same ones who believe stuff like this.  They’ll say we have no proof of God and the Biblical account of Creation, then they toss out stuff like this and evolution, for which there is no definitive proof.

FYI, there is proof of God, but you have to seek Him sincerely and believe.  When you have a genuine encounter with God, you have all the proof you need.




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