Is it time to abandon the “seeker-sensitive” church model?

1 02 2007

These days many churches are trying to find the right “formula” for drawing in the lost and reaching them, but shouldn’t the emphasis be on loving people and being hospitable to them?  I don’t necessarily have a problem with discussing strategies and figuring out what works and doesn’t work (among the man-made elements only — we must not change the Gospel).  But perhaps some church leadership and thus some church members have got to the point of relying too much on technique and strategy for evangelizing and greeting guests at our services.  The foundation of our witnessing and evangelizing has to be the love of Christ being poured out through us, to the point that we love everyone and want to help them find God.

I just read an article about this topic, and it’s a good read.  It doesn’t have all the answers, but it asks a lot of good questions.

Sense & Sensitivity: Why It’s Time to Abandon the Seeker-Sensitive Model

BTW, I’m not against having great music and using props and having special events, but the focus in our church services should be on Jesus and not “entertainment”.  And our guests should be impressed with how much we love them rather than how great a “show” we put on.




One response

5 02 2007

I don’t think the Apostle Paul could have said it any better – if we as the church just did what we’re supposed to do (love people and give of ourselves), we would reach the lost as we’re supposed to.

We in America desperately need to get better at this…

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