how to search with Google and win prizes

6 03 2007

I recently heard about a new search portal / website called where you can win prizes, like movie tickets or Amazon gift certificates.  There are also mid-sized prizes, like a home theater package or an iPod.  And there are big prizes, like a new car, $20,000 cash, and a 42-inch plasma TV, but of course the odds aren’t so great on those.  The search results are powered by Google, so you’re still getting good results.  This is done by Publishers Clearing House, so it’s not some group you haven’t heard of before.  You just have to put up with ads (which pay for the prizes).

There are no pop-ups (thankfully!), and you don’t have to register to win.  However, if you register and invite your friends to register, then when they win a prize you get the same one.  (That doesn’t work in reverse, though, and it’s just one level.)  Every time you perform a search, you are entered again to win.  You can enter 25 times a day, just by doing searches.

If you sign up, I’d appreciate it if you went through the link below, so I have the opportunity to share in the winnings with you.  🙂  It isn’t any extra trouble, and you get the same setup as if you went to the site on your own.





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