Are you too busy to accomplish what you really want to do?

7 03 2007

These days it seems like everyone is extremely busy.  Even some of my friends who aren’t busy tell me about how busy they are.  🙂  I’ve even complained about it lately, even though I’m not at the busiest point of my life.

I read an article that addresses our busyness and our priorities, called Mice, Antelopes, and Your To-Do List.  It asks us to consider if we’re filling our lives with lots of small tasks to keep us busy, or if we have big tasks in mind.  I know I sometimes get overwhelmed with “small” tasks to the point that I’m not spending much time playing/writing/producing music, which is one of my top priorities.

One quote from this article is enlightening about this problem :

The simple fact is that being busy is easier than not.  Responding to each new request, chasing an answer to the latest question, and complaining about overwhelming demands are easier than setting priorities. ~ Heike Bruch and Sumantra Ghoshal, from “A Bias For Action”

I agree.  It’s easier to complain about how busy I am and how there’s a lack of free time than it is to discipline myself and prioritize what needs to be done.  I can’t legitimately say I don’t have enough time to accomplish my goals, because everyone has the same amount of time per day, and many people have accomplished great things.  The question is whether I will become disciplined enough to do what I need to do.




2 responses

7 03 2007

I barely had enough time to read this post, but I’m glad I did. 😉

In all seriousness, this is definitely true. I could always be better at prioritizing my day-to-day activities to ensure long-term success.

8 03 2007

Hey Beppo,
Thanks for writing about my “Mice, Antelopes” article. Great blog!
— Rob

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