Who is to blame for global warming?

16 03 2007

The problem of global warming is all over the news these days, but I feel like we’re not getting all of the story.  Some people say it’s all man’s fault, but there are various other theories, too.  I think our pollution is partly to blame, but it may not even be the biggest contributor to it.   Here’s where I think our current news format does us a great injustice : we only get about 30 seconds of each story, which is not nearly enough to consider the different possibilities.  And so we have a lot of people forming conclusions based on incomplete data, which tends to lead to incorrect conclusions.  With global warming, there seems to be a lot more potential causes than just our pollution.

Global warming has been recently detected on Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and on Neptune’s moon Triton.  Is that also man’s fault?  It looks like global warming might be our sun’s fault.  But some people are quick to dismiss the possibility of that.  Benny Peiser, who monitors global warming, said :

“I think it is an intriguing coincidence that warming trends have been observed on a number of very diverse planetary bodies in our solar system. Perhaps this is just a fluke.”

I’m no scientist, but it seems like if multiple planets are having global warming and the melting of ice caps, we should consider the possibility of the sun changing.  Some of the scientists are making excuses for the other planets, saying it’s natural events causing it, like storms and volcanoes and changes in the makeup of surface ice.  So what about considering these same excuses for Earth also?

Also, how do scientists explain the “Little Ice Age” that lasted about 350 years and recently impacted much of North America and Europe?  Was that man’s fault?  We didn’t have all the pollution then.

There’s a lot of factors that influence global warming.  Some scientists even consider some extreme ideas, like : blaming taller mountains for global warming.  Yeah, believe it or not!  According to the article, the French Alps are growing at .035 inches per year.  Honestly, I’m not sure how that affects anything, nor how they can even measure it that precisely.  Some dust could land on the top of the mountain and make it that much taller!

I think we should definitely consider the role of the sun in global warming, but there’s a big problem :

Those who are often called experts admit to glaring gaps in their knowledge of how all this works. A study last month revealed that scientists can’t pin down one of the most critical keys: how much sunlight our planet absorbs versus how much is reflected back into space.

Is this important?  Even the experts agree on that :

Determining Earth’s reflectance is crucial to understanding climate change, scientists agree. … The bottom line, according to a group of experts not involved in any of these studies: Scientists don’t know much about how sunlight interacts with our planet, and until they understand it, they can’t accurately predict any possible effects of human activity on climate change.

Perhaps we should figure that out before making these bold claims about how man and pollution are causing global warming.  Also, according to that same article, we don’t even understand that much about man’s impact on greenhouse gases :

[Robert] Charlson says scientists understand to within 10 percent the impact of human activity on the production of greenhouse gases, things like carbon dioxide and methane that act like blanket to trap heat and, in theory, contribute to global warming. Yet their grasp of the human impact on albedo could be off by as much as 100 percent, he fears.

FYI, Robert Charlson is an atmospheric scientist at the University of Washington, so he might know what he’s talking about (or know that he doesn’t really know).  I’m thinking that being “off by as much as 100 percent” is not a good thing, especially if we’re taking drastic measures.

There’s a lot more that should be considered.  I’m not attempting to cover all the possibilities here, but hopefully these thoughts have made you want to learn more.  There should be complete TV shows dedicated to the issue, presented from a non-biased point-of-view.  It’s a very important issue, and if man is at fault, we need to know what to do to make the situation better.  Yet we must also consider the alternative that man might not even be the biggest contributor to global warming.  We need to seek the truth here, and we need to be able to admit we aren’t yet sure of all the causes.




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16 03 2007

If you really want to know about real global warming — read the book of Revelations (last book in Holy Bible) and it will tell you about REAL GLOBAL WARMING !!!!!!!!!!!!!

16 03 2007
Important Veterinarian

I’m in favor of global worming. 🙂 Oops! Sorry wrong blog.

16 03 2007

It should also be considered that about 500-600 years ago, there was a period of slight increased warmth. I believe the scientists of those days blamed it on the sun. Go figure!

Also, be careful what you accept as real science in this area because there is an agenda at work here that keeps the money rolling in to study and fight global warming. The earth has warmed 1/2 a degree over a century or so. So the scientific “consensus” in some circles is that it must be man’s (namely, American man’s) fault. But there’s a flaw in the slaw: science is not built on a vote of consensus, it is built on testable, provable repeatable facts. Show me one, just one truly scientific experiment where man-made global warming has been proven as scientific fact. You can’t, because there hasn’t been any testing that can prove such a thing.

Another myth surrounding “global warming” is that polar bears are running out of habitat and are dying off. A 2006 study conducted a polar bear count and do you know that their population is on the rise, not on the decline?! I wonder how they’re thriving in such hot conditions!?

One more misconception is that the seas will fill up and cover islands, NYC, etc. if the polar caps keep melting. The polar caps in the arctic melt a lot every summer and then re-freeze each winter, yet these places haven’t gone under or even seen a measurable change in sea depth. Do you ever hear it mentioned that the polar ice caps in ANTARCTICA are actually growing larger each year? How do the global warming alarmists explain this? Could it be that they can’t because there is no real proof that the temperature changes are even out of the ordinary (according to history)? Could it be that the minute changes in temperature are so statistically insignificant that we would never even hear about them if not perpetuated by popular media? Talk about inconvenient truth! Al Gore’s got nothing on the real facts.

19 03 2007

Yeah, there’s an agenda… Recently the world’s top climate scientists declared, “Mankind is to blame for global warming.” Supposedly, a lobbying group funded by Exxon-Mobil was offering large bribes to scientists and economists to write “dissenting papers” against these findings. That doesn’t surprise me.

In another report on global warming that came out about the time as the big report, experts said, “Global warming unstoppable.” If mankind is responsible for making it unstoppable, and we can prove that, then drastic measures should be taken. But there’s no proof.

Also, we don’t need politicians mixing unfounded theories with people’s ignorance to make this into a major campaign issue. This issue is convoluted enough between the scientists who are supposed to be experts…

20 03 2007
Thomas Wayne

Fab, I think I can explain why the polar ice caps in Antarctica are growing while the ice caps at the North Pole are shrinking. Think about it — heat rises… and north is up…

20 03 2007

Wrong blog for such comments, TW. You and important vet need to hit that buffet o’ blog site.

20 03 2007

I don’t know Fab— I think TW may have hit on something there — sure makes sense to me —

20 03 2007
Thomas Wayne

Wrong blog?!? What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis? Did you think I was being silly? Heat rises. Do you not know? Heat goes upward by default. North is up. Add those facts together. (And don’t forget that at this blog we obey the laws of thermodynamics.)

Besides, ain’t I got the right of freedom of speech? I’ll say what I want to say. 🙂 If Beppo doesn’t approve, he can delete my comment. But I suspect he realizes how cool I am. (I’m so cool that I’m not even affected by global warming.)

But I will agree with you that the Buffet o’ Blog site is great. I visit there almost every day.

6 12 2007
Beppo’s Blog » Blog Archive » the naturally occurring side of global warming

[…] According to these scientific “facts” throughout history, global warming is a naturally occurring phenomenon.  So I don’t think man is totally to blame.  I don’t have a lot of faith in the computer models some scientists are using to forecast what is going to happen.  Think about it — they’re predicting the global weather for 100 years, yet meteorologists can barely predict the weather in one location for the next week…  And there’s other things to consider, too.  Here’s a few sources (with commentary and links to news releases).  Global warming is happening on other planets, and scientists don’t understand why that’s happening.  And there was an article recently saying that greenhouse gas emissions are already beyond the “worst-case scenario“.  Can you believe that?  And some scientists are suggesting we should solve global warming with pollution.  Whatever…  The founder of The Weather Channel recently said global warming is “the greatest scam in history”.  (You can get more info on that at Fab’s blog.)  When there’s that much disagreement between climate experts on what’s going on (plus a lot I haven’t listed here), it doesn’t seem very reliable. […]

10 06 2010

Many people think that rising levels of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) have caused the temperature to increase, which we’re calling Global Warming. That seems plausible. But someone has used science to show that perhaps increased temperatures have caused rising levels of CO2. This is possible because a warmer ocean can hold less CO2.

There’s a lot of scientific explanation at that site, if you want to read more about it. The page also has a lot of comments, some linking to further studies.

I’m not knowledgeable enough to say how accurate all this is, but it shows that Global Warming as presented by the media (and especially politicians) isn’t always accurate or fact-based. At least this site lists their data and sources and is open to criticism.

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