Roger Bennett

19 03 2007

Roger Bennett passed away this weekend.  He was my favorite pianist, and he spent many years playing for my favorite quartet, The Cathedrals.  He was also from Arkansas, like I am.  A few years ago he was healed of leukemia, but it came back and, along with other complications, was the end of his body.  Now he won’t have to deal with pain anymore, because he has a new, incorruptible body in Heaven.

His piano playing was, in my opinion, just the right balance of technical mastery and musicality.  He could play spectacular runs, yet he didn’t overuse them.  He realized the performance wasn’t all about him, but about giving God glory.  I was fortunate to hear him play and speak on numerous occasions, and he always left a good impression.

He was voted America’s favorite Southern Gospel pianist for 11 consecutive years, so obviously many people realized how talented he was.  The last few years he had been part of the group Legacy Five.

He was only 48 years old, yet he accomplished a lot in his life.  He achieved his goal of being a Southern Gospel pianist, and his ministry through music and songwriting and testimony has touched thousands of lives.

He will be missed…




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