recognizing our procrastination in devotion

10 04 2007

Today I’m posting a quote that says a lot… (watch your toes!)

It is up to us to respond to the moving of God, to be a part of His Plan for this generation.  Those waiting for God to move do not understand the passion with which God wants to sweep across the earth with His glory and power, flooding the nations with His love and wisdom.  If only we would be willing to break through time and space and peer into the eternity of God, we would be motivated beyond our capacity to comprehend His vastness.  We would recognize our procrastination for what it really is: our unwillingness to pay the price to follow Him; our unwillingness to flee the rebellion and the sin of our youth and take responsibility for the sin that so easily besets us; to run from it knowing that it robs us of the communion we so desperately desire. ~ Don Nori

There’s so much I could say from that, but I’ll keep it short.  The line that really gets me is this one: “We would recognize our procrastination for what it really is: our unwillingness to pay the price to follow Him.”  That’s tough to swallow.  But think about it — we may say we wish we heard from God more often, that He worked through us more, that we knew more of the Bible, that we prayed more, etc.  But why aren’t we living it?  We know what is required of us : praying, studying the Bible, and obeying God’s Word.  This is one of those scenarios where we’re more likely to judge ourselves by our intentions than by what we do.  It’s certainly a good thing to have the intention of being closer to God, but if we aren’t doing anything about it, what does that say about us?

This is not meant in condemnation, but as a challenge (to you and to me).  Fortunately, God is patient and merciful toward us, so if we’ve been slacking in our devotion to Him, we now have the opportunity to repent and change our ways.  Let us actively and earnestly seek after more of God.  You won’t regret it…




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