America has anti-borders

11 04 2007

America doesn’t have open borders — it has an anti-border.  This is explained by Mac Johnson in his article “What’s Worse Than Open Borders?”  What we are allowing to happen with immigration (legal and illegal) is the opposite of what it was designed for.  For people who try to get in legally, they have to pass background checks, have a basic understanding of our laws, spend lots of money, and wait for approval.  Many of these people have to wait years to become a citizen, while spending thousands of dollars.  I know a few people in that situation, who want to become American citizens, yet all the bureaucratic red tape is keeping that from happening.  But people who come in illegally might be offered amnesty, without passing security checks to ensure that they understand our laws and that they aren’t terrorists.  How is this even close to right?

If you have any interest in this at all, I encourage you to read the article linked above.  It covers the situation in much more detail.




One response

12 04 2007
American Party Member

Isn’t it crazy! My heart goes out to those immigrants who do the right thing to become americans.

There is a reason why we have laws in place and if we don’t abide by our own laws then we are no better than United Nations.

And lets be honest. The illegal immigration is mainly coming from our southern borders. We don’t see canadians storming our borders for a better life. mainly ILLEGAL mexicans. i know of hispanic americans that are not brandishing/protesting with Mexican flags within American borders using our justice system to justify their illegal immigration.

Honest mexican americans as well as others of different ethnicity should be commended for their patience with becoming legal american citizens.

We should ship the others home regardless of the circumstances. Unless they want to go through the process like everyone else.

If illegals want to protest about fairness, then I ask what is fair about allowing amnesty for law breakers. What does this say about our society?

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