how to organize your computer’s files like you do on your desk

12 04 2007

Have you ever had trouble finding files on your computer and wished it was as simple as organizing documents on your desk?  I don’t think I have, because I have a system for organizing my files on my hard drive.  But for some people, this revolutionary new product may be for you.  This new virtual workspace by BumpTop enables you to organize your computer’s files in piles and in different sort options, where you can just drag them around and put them where you want.  Now your computer’s desktop can be as messy as your desk.  🙂  (And some studies show that being somewhat messy can help with productivity.)  There’s a video on their homepage which illustrates how it works.  I recommend watching it, if you have any interest in this at all (even if you aren’t looking to buy it).

I won’t be getting it, but I still wanted to spread the word because it is something neat and it’s thinking outside the box.  To me, it shows that there is potential for improving how files are managed on our computers now.  Windows Vista was supposed to have major improvements they called WinFS, but apparently they couldn’t get it to work like it should.  I hope people keep trying to invent new user interfaces, to make it easier (but without taking away our flexibility).




One response

13 04 2007

that’s pretty cool… they need to add a trashcan for when you want to trash something… or better yet… have a lighter or something so you can torch unneeded papers 🙂

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