portable gaming with a projector

24 04 2007

Did you know that Duck Hunt was first released around 1977?  The projector and gun are battery-powered, so you can carry them anywhere.  You don’t need a TV — the projector puts the image onto any flat surface.  Of course the graphics are crude, in that all you get is a duck projected on the wall.  But for being from the ’70s, it’s decent.  Plus it’s nostalgic.  Not that anyone I know has ever seen one of these, but almost everyone has played the version of Duck Hunt on the NES (Nintendo).

At this site you can see a video of it in action.  When I looked at the Japan-Games store on eBay just now, I didn’t see any for sale, so I don’t know what they cost.

I like the idea of a portable projection game system…  there’s a lot of potential with that concept…  I realize high-tech projectors are expensive, but the graphics wouldn’t have to be high-definition to be good enough.  With this, I think even 8-bit NES-esque graphics limited to 256 colors would still be really fun.  Imagine the possibilities of an NES-like system that is easily portable and you don’t need a TV for — you just project it onto a wall.  Portable gaming is a huge market — the Nintendo DS is outselling all other consoles, and the Sony PSP has sold quite a few also.  But if this projector technology could be made affordable, you could have your portable gaming but with a screen of several feet in diameter.  I think it would be popular.  I wonder how long it’ll be before someone does this…




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