a deeper place of worship

4 05 2007

One of the exciting aspects of Christianity is that there is always more of God to experience.  We can keep learning more about Him, and we can continue getting new revelations of how His Word applies to our life, and our relationship with Him can grow more intimate and personal every day.  Words are not sufficient to describe how awesome it is to meet with God and grow closer to Him.

To keep growing in God, we must let Him change us, which involves us surrendering to His will, along with us being disciplined in following through with these intentions.  We must pray, fast, worship, witness, and live holy, among other things.  In this article, I’d like to discuss worship.  Let’s start with a quote from Lindell Cooley, who led worship at the Brownsville Revival for many years :

God is challenging us to meet Him in a deeper place of worship — beyond our comfort zone, beyond our traditions, beyond our experience and beyond our capabilities.  In that place His presence saves souls, His power delivers minds, His compassion heals bodies, His tenderness comforts the afflicted, and He receives all glory.  May we learn to live in that place.  May we learn to live a lifestyle of worship! ~ Lindell Cooley

That says a lot!  Chew on that quote for a few minutes…  To some of you, that concept of worship may be stretching what you’re used to.  Unfortunately, some churches have turned worship into a concert more focused on entertainment and presentation, while some make it a matter of adhering to traditions.  But worshipping God should be so much more than just singing songs with enthusiasm or reverence.  Worshipping God should be a time of personal intimacy with God!

The Bible tells us that God dwells in the praises of His people.  And where God is, all His attributes are with Him.  When you enter His manifested presence (that is, when He reveals Himself so that you know He is with you), you can receive healing, deliverance, comfort, love, power, joy, peace, etc.  But it’s not about us receiving — it’s about us giving all our love to God.  It’s a time of surrender, passion, “letting go”, love, and intimacy.  It’s a time to put aside everything else in life and focus only on God.  (Here I’m referring to a “dedicated” time of worship, like in a church service.)

Worship is also much more than just what we do in a church service — it’s a lifestyle.  We are to praise and worship God every day, all throughout the day.  I suspect that the way Christianity is often presented as “religion” that many people think their obligation is participating at church on Sunday (and maybe Wednesday).  But Christianity is a relationship with God that should consume our lives, not just a part of it.  There should be no difference in sacred and secular anymore — everything should be done for the glory of God.  We should converse with God throughout the day, not only speaking but listening for His voice.  We do this through worship and prayer.

I encourage you to ponder these thoughts, to consider how much more of God there is than what you are currently experiencing.  I know there’s more, which is why I’m writing this. (I’m also writing this for me, because I certainly have not “arrived”.)  I want to know God more intimately than I ever have before.  There is truly nothing like walking in His presence.




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