man suing for $65M over missing pants

7 05 2007

A man in Washington got so mad when his local dry cleaners lost his pants that he sued them for $65 million.  (As the article on CNN says, “A missing pair of pants has led to one big suit.”)  The business owners have tried to settle three times, with the latest offer being $12,000 (even though the suit is worth “only” around $1,000).  And get this — they found his pants within a week, but the man says they’re not his, even though they match his inseam and receipt.

Yeah, he’s actually suing them for $65 million.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the article.  The trial is set for June 11.

I’m not sure what to say…  well, I can say some things, but they won’t be politically correct.  🙂  But I might as well, while we still have free speech.  Okay, this is stupid!  I hope the trial judge throws out the lawsuit and makes the guy pay the business owners for their legal expenses and mental suffering.  This man also happens to be a judge, and if he thinks $65 million is reasonable for being without his favorite pair of pants for a while, he shouldn’t be a judge anymore.

I expect the case to be dismissed, because this is just ridiculous.  But it’s sad that the legal system in America is this corrupt in that someone can even think this is reasonable…

And think of how this looks on our country.  It’s certainly bothering the business owners, who are considering moving back to South Korea.  This has been going on for two years already, and the trial hasn’t even started yet.  It’s not fair to them to have to go through all this because some man is abusing the system…




3 responses

7 05 2007

This kind of stuff should only be allowed on Judge Judy… she’d set them straight. 😉

Or perhaps let the dry cleaner owners and the judge duke it out on Jerry Springer. Last one standing gets a $65 contract for a made-for-TV movie…

Oh wait… I’m thinking that I see what is wrong w/our messed up society…

7 05 2007

I think agree! the lawsuit should be thrown out & have him pay the cleaners for his stupidity… AND the cleaners should get to keep his pants… i’d fly them on a flagpole or something.

of course where I see this going is that once he loses his lawsuit in court, he’ll just sue the judicial system for ‘losing his suit’… after all he’s alread sued for suit pants… I wonder how much he can sue for after losing an entire law-suit! 🙂

8 05 2007
Thomas Wayne

So he’s trying to take them to the cleaners. 🙂 Well, except that they are the cleaners…

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