Should God bless the whole world?

16 05 2007

I saw a bumper sticker on a car this morning that made me think.  It said :

God bless the whole world.
No exceptions.

That sounds like a noble prayer, indeed.  I’d like to see everyone live peacefully with each other, and for everyone to have an abundance of all of life’s necessities.  But is it a feasible prayer?

God wants to bless everyone, but there’s a reason He won’t — He is just.  If you live according to His covenant with us, then He will bless you.  But if you choose to walk in disobedience to His laws, then you reap the consequences.  If we had both free will and no accountability, then there would be moral chaos (which we are getting closer to in America as we collectively push God away).

Since God is the Creator of the Universe (including us), He gets to set the terms for how everything works.  If you study any of the sciences — biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc. — you will see patterns and rules by which everything operates.  We don’t comprehend it all yet, but what we’ve figured out so far is logical.  Likewise, God made rules for us to live by.  However, He gave us free will, so we aren’t forced to follow His terms and conditions.  We get to choose whether we walk in His covenant or do things our own way.  But because God is just and holy, there are consequences for not following His rules.

Whether or not God’s rules seem fair to us, we will still be held accountable for them.  He gets to decide the rules and the consequences, since He is the Supreme Being.  You can rant all you want and live in denial, but that doesn’t change the Truth.  So many people today want to define who God is and what He does, but we don’t get to decide that.  Obviously there are a lot of conflicting religions out there, because people have made up their own doctrine, and a lot of people choose a particular belief because it seems better to them.  But it doesn’t matter what seems fair to us — what matters is the Truth (which cannot be changed).

As you study the Bible in-depth, you begin to realize that God’s way does make a lot of sense, and it’s a lot better than what we deserve.  We don’t want what’s “fair”, because we’ve all fallen short of God’s standard because of our sin.  Fortunately, Jesus Christ paid the price for our sins, so we can be forgiven, if we receive it (which includes accepting His covenant and terms).




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