Bolivia’s “Road of Death”

17 05 2007

Some of you might have seen the e-mail forward about Bolivia’s “Road of Death”.  The e-mail called it Stremnaya Road, but half the pictures are from the Guoliang Tunnel Road in China.  But there is a “Road of Death” in Bolivia.

Bolivia's_road_of_death_13While searching for info on it, I came across a post that has more pictures of it plus other dangerous roads.  It’s appropriately entitled The Most Dangerous Roads in the World. It has some really neat pictures, from several different places.  It has a link to a story of someone who went on a bicycle tour on Bolivia’s “Road of Death”.  I don’t think I would do that.  Number 5 on the list on that article is called “Most Dangerous Tourist Hiking Trail (China)”.  There’s no way I would go on that.  I’m sure the view is great, and I’m sure it would be quite exhilarating.  But in this case, I’ll just look at other people’s photos.

It’s crazy that people would drive these kinds of roads, but I suppose they don’t have a lot of other options if they want to go to other villages in that area.

FYI, the link above is about more than just Bolivia’s “Road of Death”.  There’s a lot of great pictures of places you normally wouldn’t ever see (and might not want to see in person).  I haven’t looked at everything on that blog, but I’ve found other photo series that I also enjoyed.




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