Red Sox vs Yankees — 2007 pennant race

31 05 2007

After talking about busyness for the last few posts, I’m going to take a minute to discuss something I enjoy keeping up with when taking a break from my busyness : baseball.  🙂

The Red Sox are currently 36-16, leading the Yankees by 13.5 games, who are 22-29.  Normally you’d consider a team out of the pennant race being that far back, but the Yankees do have a lot of talent and a nearly-unlimited payroll, so you never know.  That said, I was looking at the numbers today, and the Red Sox are currently playing .692 baseball (that is, winning 69.2 percent of their games).  At that pace, they’d win 112 games over the whole season.  That’s possible, because they’re that good, and Manny Ramirez isn’t playing up to his normal standards yet, and he can carry the team when he gets hot.

Even if the Red Sox cool down and play at only a .600 clip for the rest of the season, they’d still finish with 102 wins.  The odds aren’t good for the Yankees to catch them.  So, as a Red Sox fan, things are looking good for this year.  I’m hoping the Yankees miss the playoffs altogether, so we can see what Furious George will do…

Roger Clemens is about to come back for the Yankees, to earn about $18 million (the prorated amount of his record $28 million contract).  It may be too late for him to help much, though…  I wonder how he will feel if the Yankees miss the playoffs.  Is this how he wanted to end his career?  (That is, if he retires again and actually means it.)  At least he can be somewhat comforted by his money — after all, that appears to be what’s most important to him.  He has no problems burning bridges with the other teams he’s played for (Red Sox, Blue Jays, Astros) and their fan bases.




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