Mr. Eternity

6 06 2007

A man from Australia named Arthur Malcolm Stace heard a sermon called “Echoes of Eternity” shortly after he got saved, and the word “eternity” so captivated him that he used his free time to spread the word around Sydney.  Every day he’d write “Eternity” on the streets with white chalk.  He did this fifty times a day for over thirty years!  There’s no telling how many people saw it and thought about eternity.

He left such an impression that when he died, the Sydney morning newspaper contained an article on his life.  And on the eve of the new millennium celebrations around the Sydney Harbor Bridge, more than a million people saw it emblazoned in neon lights across the bridge.  It was also shown around the world to more than two billion TV viewers at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games that year.

He could barely write his own name, but armed with a piece of chalk, he impacted an uncountable number of people.  It just shows that you don’t need a lot of education and money to witness to people.

Consider his message.  What do you think of when you see the word “eternity”?  And more importantly, are you living with eternity in mind?  Are you preparing for the eternity that continues after this life on Earth?




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