you can win a free Nintendo Wii at Wendy’s

8 06 2007

How would you like to win free Nintendo merchandise?  Wendy’s is running a promotion through July 31, 2007 where you can win a Wii console or Wii-related prizes.  No purchase necessary to win, which in this case means you can enter online for free.  Just go to and enter your information.  (Note that your cell phone number is optional.  If you add it, they may send you ads that you have to pay for.)

They are giving away 800 Wii consoles, 800 Wii video games, and 800 Wii points cards worth 2,000 points ($20) each.  You can enter five (5) times per day (which counts both codes from Frosty purchases and the free entries).  You could just buy five (5) Frosty Floats per day to get your codes, which would be the more tasty method, or you can just enter on their website if you’re trying to be economical with your calorie consumption.

Just thought I’d let you know, since there’s been a shortage of Wii consoles, and I know some of my regular readers would like to acquire one but can’t find it in stores.  Plus the price on this is right!  🙂




One response

8 06 2007

Alright, Beppo!! Thanks for the info! I’ll be sure to get this in the works el pronto.

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