losses from AIDS compared to losses from wars

12 06 2007

Today I received a newsletter talking about the problem of HIV / AIDS in the world, and it’s distressing.  Check out these statistics reported by World Vision :

In the first decade of the 21st century, AIDS will claim more lives than all the wars of the 20th century combined.

Think about that… We consider the losses of World War I and World War II and Vietnam to be horrible, yet even more people than those combined are dying by this disease.  And the result of this loss causes more problems than just loss of life — there are over 15 million children worldwide that have been orphaned by AIDS.  Why is this kind of information not portrayed on the news very often?  Lately the news has been filled with talk of Paris Hilton and her problems, but what importance is that to most of us?

But what can we do about orphaned children?  We should start with prayer, but then let our faith manifest itself in works by giving to charitable works like World Vision who help these people in need.  You can probably find local ministries that help with building orphanages and giving food and medical care to those who are unable to help themselves.

It’s a blessing to have all the prosperity and abundance nearly all of us in America enjoy, but how can we claim to be a good steward if we don’t give to those in need?  We don’t even have to start with hundreds of dollars — any size gift will help, even $5 or $10.  If most of us would give even just a few dollars of our excess, the world would be a much better place.

FYI, I have no affiliation with World Vision or any similar ministry.  I just saw these statistics and thought of how I could help these people who are in the roughest of situations.  And since this blog is my “soapbox”, you got to hear about it, too.  Hopefully you were moved to do something.  (If not, why not?  And are you willing to give that excuse when you stand before God someday?  But I’m not trying to make you give out of guilt — only give if you care.  But if you don’t care, you should ask yourself why.)




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