forgetting how prosperous America is

15 06 2007

In my last post, I talked about giving to help orphaned children, but maybe I focused too much on that point.  There’s a lot of needs around us, some around the corner, and of course many all around the world.  We should be making a difference where we are.

But back on the topic of missions…  Recently I heard a missionary say that most of the world doesn’t know Jesus and lives on 23 cents a day.  When you consider statistics like that, you realize your few dollars can make a huge difference in someone’s life.  And this applies to more than just food — building schools, orphanages, water wells, and such in third-world countries is a lot cheaper than it is here in America.

Can you imagine living on 23 cents per day?  I realize they don’t have the expenses we do, but imagine living without all the luxuries we tend to take for granted.  Many people live without electricity and running water, so of course they don’t have things like TV, Internet, cell phones, cars, nice furniture, stylish clothes, restaurants, air conditioning, etc.  How much of that do we take for granted?  Try to imagine living without that stuff for a while…

I don’t want to imply that people without America’s luxuries are necessarily “missing out”.  While I enjoy the conveniences, I’m not sure that it makes life better.  We enjoy more trivial things, often forgetting what is most important in life.  But that’s a topic for another day.  My point in all this is how blessed we are in America, even if we can’t afford much of the “extra” stuff we want, and how much even a small portion of our prosperity would be a huge blessing to those in need.




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20 06 2007
Cousin Jay

Amen Beppo.

You know my heart on this issue. It was really good to read your heart on the issue as well. We are blessed beyond the comprehension of most people in the world.

10 07 2007


Do you have any good suggestions (besides tithing and giving to missions in your church) to help the poor, the widows, or the orphans? An organization that we could volunteer at or donate funds to?

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