bills against “hate crimes” and our freedoms

18 06 2007

[Editor’s note: I’ve changed this post after further reading.  Some organizations appear to be overreacting to these bills.]

There’s an e-mail going around about the proposed “hate crimes” bills (H.R. 1592 and S. 1105), claiming that they will violate our freedom of speech and freedom of religion.  As presented, it’s a very serious issue, but the e-mails were discussing “anticipated applications” of the bills, and as such may be reading more into it than it says.  Now, I’m not debating whether the law as it officially reads is good or not, but it appears to not have much to do with restricting what we can say.

I saw this on where they claim this to be an urban legend, and to verify further I read the actual bills to see for myself what they said.  Maybe I missed it, but it talked about acts intending to cause “bodily injury”.  I’ve read summaries of the bills, but they didn’t explain how this applies to free speech.

One of the bills (H.R. 1592) even says this :

“Nothing in this Act, or the amendments made by this Act, shall be construed to prohibit any expressive conduct protected from legal prohibition by, or any activities protected by the free speech or free exercise clauses of, the First Amendment to the Constitution.”

So are the conservative special interest groups overreacting?  It’s possible.  If someone can take the bills and directly apply them to “hate speech”, then I’ll update this with that info.  But I’ve found a lack of evidence at this time.

I do think legislation against “hate speech” will become an issue in our country, the way we’re headed with having to be “politically correct”.  Canada already has laws against it, some which are similar to what is being suggested these bills are about.  When it happens here, we’ll need to fight it.




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18 06 2007
Cousin Jay


I have a good research topic for you – who is behind Another topic altogether.

As for your downplaying the impact of the legislation in question here, I believe that we should be sounding the alarm. There is no question as to the INTENT of those pushing the legislation – the liberal gay agenda wants the legalization of homosexual marriage and a cultural transformation that not only “allows” open homosexuality, which is sin, but uplifts the lifestyle in the face of Christian morality. Don’t let the lack of specific layman’ s language throw you off track. Our first amendment to the Constitution says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” – what happened to the right of people to have open Christian prayers in our schools? Public school prayer was banned for a season in our schools. Now, after long court battles reasserting the right most clearly see in the 1st amendment, schools now allow some form of prayer initiated by students themselves. Yet, there are many districts even today that will say prayer is not allowed in our public schools. So, do not allow the lack of clear language per your reading of the bill distract you from the intent of those authoring the bill in such a way that their supporters on “the bench” can have enough judicial wiggle-room to interpret the bill to their liking.

Our country has too many judges that practice judicial legislation rather than interpretation and that is exactly what they will be doing with this current code.

This is just another foot in the door to push their agenda. Plain and simple. Our entire nation has been overrun in the media with people pushing this sinful and unnatural lifestyle down our throats. Not only has the media been taken hostage by the agenda, corporate America has been blackmailed into pushing the agenda within their companies. Millions are being spent to teach all of us stupid Christians that homosexuality is normal and believing that sodomy is sin is old fashioned.

The liberal gay agenda says, “YOU Mr. and Mrs. Christian are the problem. You are intolerant. Jesus would accept us just as we are, and not expect us to change.” That is baloney.

Sin is sin. God, through the Word of God, defines sin. Not me. Not you. Not anyone else. God defines sin. If I have faith in God, then I have faith in what He defines. Romans Chapter 1 is clear to me. It is unnatural and wrong for a man to lie with another man.

As for America, God help us. I am so disgusted with the apostate church in America. Church politics, hypocrisy and materialism in our churches is so prevalent. The veneer is shiny alright, but underneath is a people loving the pleasures of this life. The American Church would rather give in than fight for the Word of God. We have allowed legalized murder of babies in our nation for decades now, we allowed prayer to be taken out of our school and replaced with “I Have Two Daddies”, we have portrayed the gospel as a get rich quick scheme and we are now allowing clearly defined biblical sin to be uplifted in our culture and in some of our churches of all things.

Judgement has begun in the American Church. You saw a bit of it in the 80’s, 90’s and most recently the fall of Ted Haggard and others. Judgement is upon the church because Jesus is getting ready to wrap this whole section of HIStory up my friend. I don’t want to be in a worldly church when He comes to get His church. God help us.

You know, when Adolph Hitler came on the seen in Germany, his ideas were embraced by many, many people. Never did Hitler let his words get in the way of his actions. Am I saying the liberal gay agenda is like Hitler, no of course not. But I am saying that their methods are the same. We have seen these tactics before. One of the oldest tales told is of the wolf in sheep’s clothing – this “hate crimes” bill is just that, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If you don’t fight it now, you will regret it later.

Cousin Jay

19 06 2007

You’re right about the state of our country and that we’ve already started down that “slippery slope”. And Christians should do something about the various legislation that is “validating” immorality. My point was that these particular bills — wrong as they may be — didn’t appear to be about our freedom of speech like some of the special interest groups are saying. But perhaps the bills are taking us another step down that “slippery slope” because they put the issue of homosexuality with the issue of racial prejudice of minorities. So we should speak out against what is being legislated, but to me it looks like we’re attacking the free speech issue before it is an issue. But I’m no expert in political strategy, so perhaps others see this better than I do.

The Church definitely needs to take a stand for what’s right. If we are silent, if we don’t vote, then our society is going to get worse and worse. Sin always takes people further than they intended to go, even if they don’t realize it at the time. Our society’s morals as a whole are already much worse than anyone would have suspected 20 years ago. Just look at what is tolerated during the “family-friendly” prime-time slot of 7:00 on TV. (Or better yet, don’t watch.)

I think most people consider America and our society to be invincible, that it will never fall (completely). But we are on a path of self-destruction from the inside. When you keep tearing out parts of the foundation, the building will eventually fall.

19 06 2007
Cousin Jay


It is past time for all of us who claim to love this country, and serve Christ, to stand up for ourselves and assert the truth in our culture. If our pulpits won’t do the job, if our courts won’t do the job, if our legislators won’t do the job…then let us preach from street corners, from stumps and from open fields. God’s presence comes where He is worshipped in spirit and in truth. He is not conjured, He is not wooed – He is worshipped.

John Wesley was not welcomed in many churches during his time, so he and others took to open air preaching. Perhaps we must turn to God and see if the American Church will turn to Him also.

The whole world is lining up against Christianity, and Christian America. The devil is trying to quench us out. He will not succeed, for the Word of God says Christ wins, upon this I stake my faith. However, I am in no way comfortable sitting idly by while around me evil swirls and ensnares the very elect of our day. Holy Ghost, please breathe upon America anew. Please rescue mens souls from the philosophical narcotic they have been injected with.

Beppo, the news is filled with accounts today that no one would have imagined even ten years ago. What will it take for Christianity to awaken and rise up for the Lord? What will it take? What will it take?

Cousin Jay

22 06 2007

Another alarming movement to be aware of is the liberal left’s pushing of the “fairness doctrine”. This basically says that media outlets that use the “public airwaves” (which the stations are paying to use with ad dollars from programs that people actually tune-in to)such as radio and local TV, regardless of what sells, must give “equal time” to both sides of issues when dealing with political topics. In other words, radio stations that carry Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and others would have to give equal time to left leaning radio shows as well.

What this amounts to is this: there is no money in liberal radio. Air-America, the liberal radio network is bankrupt because NOBODY IS LISTENING! So, since they can’t lure an audience with their ideas, they want to force radio to play their programming by governmental means. In other words, they want to disregard the first amendment when the free speech isn’t favorable toward their viewpoint.

This is just a first step. Next thing you know, they’ll be telling Christian radio stations that they have to give equal time to opposing viewpoints. We must keep a close watch and never let this happen.

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