Where do you get your joy and peace of mind?

19 06 2007

Today I was listening to the DC Talk “Jesus Freak” CD, and it just never gets old.  All of it is good, but today the lyrics to one particular song stood out to me.  The song was “Like It, Love It, Need It”, and here’s an excerpt of the lyrics :

You’ll never find peace of mind in your pool of self
You’ll never find peace of mind in a sea of wealth
You’ll never find peace of mind in your rock and roll
You’ll never find peace of mind if you sell your soul

You’ll never find peace of mind in your lucky charm
You’ll never find peace of mind on a hippie farm
You’ll never find peace of mind in a one-night stand
You’ll never find peace of mind in your superman

I know you need some freedom from the strife

I know you need some Jesus in your life

So true…  We tend to look for joy and peace and fulfillment from lots of different things in this world, but none of them can truly satisfy.  Only in God can we find true, lasting joy, peace, and fulfillment.  For those of us that know this, why do we still expect the world’s entertainment to make us feel good?

I’m not saying it’s wrong to enjoy some good, clean entertainment.  But if we derive our happiness from music or TV shows or movies or relationships, it will leave us somewhat empty deep inside.  We were created for fellowship with God, and nothing else will fill that God-shaped void in our lives.  And it’s not enough to just be a “Christian” in name only — we have to truly live the life.  Just being “good” and going to church regularly isn’t enough.  We need daily fellowship with God to be all that we should be.

I know you can relate to what I’m talking about.  All of us have days (or weeks) when we feel downcast and discouraged, maybe depressed or frustrated at life.  We know there must be more to life than what we’ve been experiencing.  Often we try various tactics to feel better and to get more out of life — like buying more stuff, or partying more, or working harder, etc.  But none of those things are what we are really longing for.

In an intimate relationship with God, where you truly know Him (and not just about Him and religion), there is a peace beyond understanding; there is joy unspeakable; and there is purpose and fulfillment like nothing else when you know you are doing His will and bearing much fruit for Him.  Nothing in this world can compare to that, because then you are doing what you were created for, and that brings true contentment and fulfillment.  If you haven’t experienced this, don’t dismiss it until you try it.  Walking with God is so much more than just following some religious traditions.  There’s a lot of people who are merely “religious” and thus don’t exemplify a real relationship with God.  That’s their loss, and I hope they find the reality of Christianity before it’s too late.  But don’t let the bad examples keep you from seeking God.  Don’t let anything keep you from walking with God in a real relationship with Him.




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26 06 2007
Chris Davis

Dude, are you still alive? It’s been a week and no Beppo entries! Hello!?

28 06 2007

I meant to write a post saying I was going on vacation, but didn’t get it done. The last few days before I left were so busy, with small group and working some overtime and trying to get everything prepared for my vacation. I’m just now finally checking this for the first time in a week. I was supposed to be back today (Thursday), but there were a lot of flight cancellations and delays, keeping us in New York City until Saturday. When I get back, I’ll get back to writing. I didn’t intend to take a vacation from blogging, but we didn’t have free Internet access, plus we were so busy trying to take in all that is New York City.

2 07 2007
Chris Davis

Dude. You’ll have to give me some insight in to NYC. Wanting to take Hannah there soon… only 6 hours from us. 😀

10 07 2007

New York City??!

Get the rope…

11 07 2007

Chris, I’ll be writing on several different aspects of my experience there, so stay tuned. And soon I’ll have some pictures online, which I’ll link to.

Kri’, I didn’t bring back any salsa, so you can put the rope away. 🙂

23 07 2007

Another drought of posts… Sorry… I’ve been working a lot, and had company this weekend, and just been busy. There’s not a shortage of ideas, just of time. Keep checking back…

8 08 2007

When THOUGHT realises that whatever it does, any movement that it makes is DISORDER, then there is SILENCE.

13 08 2007
Thomas Wayne

Uhh, what?!?

If your thoughts quit moving, I suppose there is silence, at least on the inside, but how are moving thoughts “disorder”? What are you talking about? Are you saying we should quit thinking? Is that how you came up with that? 😮

15 08 2007

At the precipice of defeat
We find little value
Save the mindlessness
Of thinking cyclically
And wondering “Why me?”

I guess I should get high if I am to try to write like that. I always wanted to try, but no matter how hard I try, the things I say almost always make at least a little sense. But presently–silence, save the rumbling of my bowels. 🙂

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